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How to “Rock” Your Results

I have to admit I’m not exactly what you’d call an “outdoorsy” sort-of gal, unless snow skiing and laying out on the beach count. In fact, my one and only camping trip resulted in a massive rash, sunburn and blisters all over my face. Yikes!

(Rich now knows why I have refused to go camping for the previous 32 years of my life)

So if I’m not outdoorsy, what’s up with the rock?

Well, last fall I was speaking at an event, and one of the things that all of the attendees were given, was a rock. It was quite the unusual “gift” for attendees, I mean, you usually only get a pen and a hotel pad!

The gift turned out to be life altering.

Stick with me….

The attendees were told to write their 5-year goals on one side of the rock. On the other side they had to write why they deserved to reach those goals.


Many wrestled with their “monkeys” (emotional hang-ups), telling them that they didn’t “deserve” any of the goals. As the weekend progressed, breakthroughs were made that as a result of those rocks. These otherwise highly motivated entrepreneurs began to see that they DID deserve to reach their goals. That was a MAJOR step in the right direction.

I, on the other hand, as a speaker, did not get a rock that weekend, but I vowed to get one once I returned home.

When I got home, I went it search of the most perfect rock, and I found it. It’s the one in the picture at the top of this article. ; ) It was beautiful (so it would look great on my desk), smooth, and most importantly had plenty of space for me to write down my goals.

I brought it home and placed it on the kitchen table.

Countless times I just sat and stared at the rock, not wrestling with WHY I deserved to reach my goals, but what exactly my goals for the next 5 years were.

(shocking, I know, right?)

Let me explain…

For the previous 5 years, my big, pot ‘o gold, goal was to finally be able to spend more of my time helping aspiring entrepreneurs, as opposed to practicing law all day every day.

On August 1st that goal was met.

Now, that I have accomplished something that I felt was virtually impossible only 5 short years ago, I felt like my life was a blank canvas.

What picture did I want to paint over the next 5 years?

That rock made me think long and hard about where I was headed.

And to be honest, it freaked me out quite a bit to realize that I had no clue where I was headed. I felt like I was driving 90 down the expressway with no actual destination in mind.

How ridiculous is that?!?

For over a year, a colleague of mine kept telling me to write down my goals. For over a year, I told her “next week”.The reality was, I didn’t have “time” to make big goals, I just needed to keep taking action on my daily “to-do” lists.

Yet, as I stared at that rock, I felt like a fool.

How could I actually reach any major goals if I don’t set them?

Was I going to somehow get there “by accident”? Perhaps…

But I decided in that moment, that I would no longer live my life by default. I would live my life by design. I have decided to regularly set goals both large and small, that way I know exactly where I’m headed at any given moment.

Some of you may be thinking…. “aren’t you afraid of “not reaching a goal that you set?”

This may surprise you, but the answer is, “NO!”

I believe that I can reach any goal that I set for myself, and you can too!

So, my hurdle wasn’t a feeling like I didn’t deserve to achieve my goal, or even a fear of not achieving the goals.

The rock showed me that I needed to decide out of the limitless possibilities for my life, which goals I would achieve in the next 5 years.

As I wrote the words in permanent marker on that rock, I felt tremendous clarity…

The clarity was immediately followed by a rash of ideas of how to make those goals happen.

I want the same clarity for you!  So what are you waiting for?

Go play outside and find yourself a rock….it’ll change your life!

If you enjoyed this story or think that a friend could benefit from the lesson I shared, please SHARE this article.  Do you have any special methods of setting your goals? Did you try the “rock” exercise?  If so, I’d love to hear it, so please comment below!

To the Top,

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Following A Black Sheep

Over the past couple of years, it’s become pretty apparent that I’m the “Black Sheep” of the industry.

I’m ok with it…

I thought you should know it, though.

(Just in case, you’re not into following a black sheep) ;   )

So here’s the deal.

As business owners, we have choices to make in how we conduct our business.  Here are some of those choices:

• Using Company or Product Trademark names in violation of Trademark law.

• Showing bank accounts (accurate or PhotoShopped)

• Buying “likes” and “comments” on Fiverr or other outsource sites, to increase your Edge Rank or “social” proof.

• Buying “likes” or “comments” to win contests

• Knowingly violate advertising platform policies because “it works”

• Teaching others to violate advertising platform policies because you can make money teaching people that stuff.

• Using “black hat” methods to beat search engine algorithms.

• Promoting systems that engage in deceptive advertising just because it’s the “in” thing to do (and you can get paid well)

• Telling only “part” of the story about a successful marketing strategy, because, the truth would not be nearly as “sexy”. (i.e, “Learn how I generated 1,000 leads on Facebook” but conveniently forgetting to mention that you paid $3,000 to get those leads).

• Quoting how much money you made in a month, but “leaving out” the amount of money that has to be paid out to affiliates, etc.

Now some of you may be completely shocked to learn that these are things that some of the leaders that you have followed have chosen to do.  But it’s true and you deserve to know the truth.

Many of them have made a lot of money in a short amount of time as a result of engaging in these practices.

They’ll tell you it’s just clever “marketing”.

Which is probably why Seth Godin wrote a book entitled “All Marketers Are Liars”.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Two very important reasons:

Objects in the mirror are much smaller than they appear.

In other words, you’re not getting the whole story a lot of the time.

I’ve seen a lot of very talented entrepreneurs getting extremely discouraged (and almost quitting) because they aren’t making money as fast as “So-and-So”. Expectations in our industry have gotten insanely unrealistic, and someone needs to speak out about it.  It’s exactly WHY online businesses, home businesses, network marketing businesses get a bad rep.  

I believe aspiring and beginning entrepreneurs should be told the truth about what it takes to succeed on or offline. That’s why you’ll never hear me promising success in a short amount of time or with very little effort.

It takes hard work- but the rewards are SO worth it!  (I’m living proof!)

My brutal honesty and unwillingness to engage in “sketchy” business practices has cost me quite a few sales, I’m sure.

But, I don’t care.

I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror and most importantly, I have to answer to God and I want to make Him proud.

I’m a rule follower.

If you’re looking for the promise of quick riches, I’m not your gal. I only teach sustainable business practices, so if you’re looking for the next “black hat” trick to cheat the system, I’m not your gal.

I’m picky as hell about what I promote, because I don’t want to steer my readers, customers and clients down the wrong path.  Rich and I have foregone a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, just because we know that products/services won’t deliver on their promises.

For me, slow, steady and acting in integrity wins the race.

With all of that said, if you’re looking for information that’s not full of BS and hype on how to build a sustainable business, I’ve put together a 4-video “tell-all” series that you need to watch.

In the 1st video you’ll learn the mistake I made that caused me to have to flush 18 months of business building down the drain.

In the 2nd video you’ll discover the big myth that could cost you your entire business.

In the 3rd video, I’ll help you get rid of the trash that is causing you to unknowingly sabotage your business and help you uncover the hidden gold you’ve been sitting on that you may have forgotten.

Make sure you really pay attention to Video #3 because I’m giving away an Apple iPad!! :  )

In the 4th video, you’ll learn how to build an authentic brand even if you’re brand new. You will also learn about the new course I just launched called Branded, which is my blueprint for building a sustainable business which allowed me to quit my full-time job as an attorney.

No fluff. No hype. No B.S.

Just good, solid, potentially life-altering information.

You can get all 4 videos here.

PS  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and make sure you share this article if you know someone who can benefit from what you’ve just learned : )

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Wake Up And Smell The Hypocrisy

The winds of hypocrisy have been blowing for sometime now
in our niche, did you get caught up in it?

I’ve noticed quite a few “attraction marketing experts”
who have done exceptionally well at building their own brand, and attracting
prospects to them being, well, complete and utter hypocrites.

They implemented the principles of attraction marketing.

They led with value.

They built “You, Inc.” (a/k/a their own brand).

As a result they got a nice following (a/k/a “a list”).

Then they marketed their opportunity to that list, which propelled
them into the stratosphere in their primary company.

Now, the proud leader of a big downline, what do they teach
their downline about how to build a successful business?

They teach them to do what they SAY and not what they actually DID.

That’s ridiculous.

(not to mention extremely hypocritical)

The other option is, they build a fantastic, magnetic brand…
and then essentially tell their “followers”:

“Look, I created nifty website for you” that you can use to build your business
for just a low monthly fee.

Is that website how they became tremendously successful?


But apparently, with these folks…

What’s good for the Goose is NOT good for the Gander.


They want you to buy their stuff (who cares if that’s not how they became successful, right?)

They want you to build their downline (who cares about building a real, sustainable business, right?)

Are you ok with that?

Tell you what, take a look at the leaders of any of these programs… Notice anything eerily similar about virtually all of them?

They have their OWN BRAND and their OWN LIST.

That’s why they’re making the big bucks.

The reason people buy from them is due in large part to their brand as Mr. or Mrs. Guru, not the product or business opportunity that they’re promoting.

So…..the $10 Million question is:

Why, do they do that Natasha?

Here it is, plain and simple:

1. They don’t make as much money as quickly if you do what they did.

Building a brand takes more time, then spamming the product or opportunity to whomever will listen.

They want the sales now, dammit.

Go sell their stuff, go build their downline….quit trying to be a real business owner for Pete’s sake!

2. They don’t think you’re as “clever” or “tenacious” as they are.

I mean, hell, they eat their Wheaties every morning, and drink superhero juice.

They’ve got the magic touch, and you….well….don’t.

They think there’s nooooooo possible way you could be as smart as they are. I mean, they were BORN to be Gurus.


You’re the “fan”, they’re the Guru. Just give them all of your money, and call it a day.

Stop the Insanity, Right Now.

There is no Guru-juice.

You have it within you, right now, to build a MAGNETIC brand.

You can DO what they DID.

You can have the results that they have.

You just need to get the real scoop on how to build a brand, so you can start building a list, growing a “following” and getting paid what you’re worth. (which is a lot!)

I’ve got a 4-part video series that can help you learn how to build your authentic brand even if you’re brand-spankin’ new.

Check it out right now

I’ll see YOU at the Top!

PS  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and make sure you share this article if you know someone who can benefit from what you’ve just learned : )

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How to STOP Maxing Out Your Personal Credit Cards

Are you one of the 97% of solo entrepreneurs who are funding their business with money from your personal bank account or getting loans using your personal credit?

What if I told you that there is a way where you can get access to the funding you need to purchase that coaching package or hire the outsourcers you need to get your business off the ground?

Would you be interested?

Of course you would be!

I’ve been hosting a webinar series on Building a Savvy Business.  In the 2nd webinar, I invited a Business Credit expert to share some of her best material on how you can stop maxing out your personal credit cards, and start getting the funding you need to grow your business.

You can watch this powerful webinar here ——> Business Credit Webinar Replay (Replay Now Closed – Leave a comment below if you’d like to know about the next available webinar)


To The Top!

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The Renegade Team: The Secret To Cutting Your Learning Curve By 90%

I’ve been in this industry for 5 1/2 years, and if there’s one thing that I know, it’s how daunting the learning curve can be for this whole internet/attraction marketing “thing”.

When we got started, there weren’t folks offering coaching, masterminds, etc.


You wanted to learn attraction marketing, you purchased a ton of books, and taught yourself and attended some tele-seminars.

Now don’t get me wrong….learning that way worked for us.   We’re doing great now!

But it was most definitely the long windy-road to success.

Then in June of 2011 along came Ann Sieg- and she once again turned the industry on its head (again).

You know Ann Sieg as the author of the well-known The Renegade Network Marketer book.

So anyways, Ann reached out to me and Rich last summer about her newest brainchild- The Renegade Team.

Ann figured out a way to massively boost the success of both beginners and leaders in the industry, through her marketing team– appropriately titled, The Renegade Team.

Let me explain…

See, there was a pivotal point in our online career where our success skyrocketed exponentially.

It was when we started attending live events and began masterminding with other industry leaders about marketing strategies.

The reason that was the game-changer is simple….2 words in fact:

Instant Feedback

See, the problem with learning on your own, is that even if you are following a course that you purchased to a “t”- strategies in this industry change rapidly.  There are things that people are testing every single day to make their pages convert higher and traffic strategies that work better than others at any given time.

Thing is, if you’re studying from a book- you aren’t going to hear about the latest changes.

Plus, you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder to critique you as you’re implementing your attraction marketing campaign.

So, what does The Renegade Team offer?

You guessed it… instant feedback!

Ann hosts a webinar every Thursday explaining more- so make sure that you Review The Renegade Team

If you’ve heard enough, then you can Join The Renegade Team now.

In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing more about this amazing opportunity that allows you to work directly with us by joining our marketing team for next to nothing!  You’ll learn how The Renegade Team will help you:

  • Have access to personal help 24/7 through our powerful Facebook Page
  • Learn the REAL way the Gurus make money online.
  • Get feedback from the Godmother of Attraction Marketing herself….Ann Sieg
  • Become a part of our inner circle

See you next time!

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A Reality Check For Network Marketers

I’m feeling a bit feisty today, so may as well address a controversial topic…

Should you build your BRAND or your DOWNLINE first?

This is a topic I feel very strongly about, so get ready…I’m not holding anything back.

The answer… (Drumroll Please…)

You should build your BRAND first. 

Here’s why:

Regardless of what your upline tells you, the fact of the matter is that when you are a network marketing distributor, you are NOT the “CEO of your own business”

Yea, yea, yea… you set your schedule, you get to have your own business cards and you can work from home.

But those things do NOT mean that you own your own business.

What you are, is a commissioned sales person.

  • You cannot market your business in any method that you want (Don’t believe me? Take a peak at your company’s terms and conditions)
  • Your compensation is at the mercy of your network marketing company.  One mistake, and your compensation can be yanked away from you.
  • Your ability to market other products and services may be limited by your network marketing company.
  • Your company’s policies and procedures are drafted by attorneys with one thing in mind: protecting the company’s future not yours.

Does that sound like a CEO?


Now before you stomp off and call me a network marketing-hater, I want to explain why I tell you this. I’m telling you this because I care about your future.

I’m telling you this because as an attorney, I’m trained to analyze situations and tell people how best to protect themselves.

So… with that said, here’s where I see Network Marketing fitting into your business.

Robert Kiyosaki once said that he liked Network Marketing because it is an inexpensive way for people to real-world business skills.    To be honest, I’m one of them!  Amazing as it may seem, I never considered myself to have an entrepreneurial bone in my body until I joined my first network marketing opportunity back in October 2006.

But it wasn’t long into my experience as a network marketer, that I started to see the perils of solely being a network marketing distributor.  I realized that I didn’t really have a “business,” I had a sales job.

I realized that I was investing a lot of time and money into something that I did not own, and the attorney in me thought….

That’s Far Too Risky!

I’m trained to evaluate risk and mitigate it as best as I can.

So, that’s exactly what I did… I started learning how to build my own business, by building my own brand, building my own list and creating and selling my own products and services.

Now, your upline is going to tell you…


(Keep It Simple Stupid) 

You know what I say to that?  Hogwash!

In essence, they’re telling you to build your Sand Castle one foot from the ocean.

I’m telling you to build your Sand Castle six feet from the ocean, so it withstands the tide.

Maybe it’s a little easier at first, because you don’t have to walk as far to get water to pack down your sand, in your bucket, but when the tide rolls it (and it always does), your KISS castle will be flattened.

Don’t make this mistake.

Look, your upline, no matter how much you love them, is out for one thing: building their team in THAT company.

If you decided to leave one day, they would most likely not give a rip about what happens to you in the future.

Sorry, I’m being harsh, but it’s true.

Don’t believe me?

Ask your upline for help building a totally separate business.  See how quick they are to help you…

If you’re trying to replace your current income or shore up your retirement savings, you need something that is going to be around for a long time.

You need to be 100% control of your business. 

That means you need to be able to build and control your own list (your most valuable business asset).

You need to diversify with the products and services you offer, so that if one opportunity goes out of business, you’ve got other streams of income so you can keep moving forward.

That’s why I suggest that you build your BRAND first, and then build your Downline.

Your network marketing opportunity should only be one piece of your business.    You should have a marketing /sale funnel in place so that you can attract potential customers to you, and then make sales to those individuals.

Of course, approaching your warm market is the quickest way to generate money in your business.  But once your warm market’s gone cold, it’s time to start putting a real business in place!

You can learn more about the concept of a marketing funnel in my popular Building You Inc. Article Series.

Agree with me?  Disagree with me? I want to hear from you!

To the Top!

PS: If you are looking to build your brand online, but don’t know where to start, you can sign up for more information about my personal branding coaching program

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The Scoop on Pinterest


I’m always a tad bit skeptical when a new “latest and greatest” platform comes out…especially when it threatens to take up more of my precious time.  But, once I saw how Pinterest works, I decided that I wanted to become an “early adopter” with this platform, because I see a lot of potential with it.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and started working with Pinterest and studying some well respected marketers and how they’re using Pinterest in their business.  I intended to just shoot a quick video with my findings, but you know me…. I can’t go half-way on anything!

So, instead of one video, I created 5.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I have the only course on Pinterest out there right now, so you’re in luck!

Inside The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Pinterest you’ll get:

Video 1.  Should You Bother With Pinterest?

Video 2.  Pinterest 101

Video 3.  Pinterest Dos & Don’ts

Video 4.  7 Savvy Marketing Strategies on Pinterest

Video 5.  5 Savvy Brands to Follow on Pinterest

I spent HOURS learning all about Pinterest and the best ways to use it in your marketing efforts, and have condensed it down to approximately 30 minutes.

Best of all, for a limited time, the training is FREE!  All I ask is that you come back to this post and share you comments about the training!

Click Here To Access The Training

To the Top!

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Are You “Pin”terested?

Oh Joy!

Yet ANOTHER social media platform that you get to figure out!

I have to admit when I first heard about Pinterest I was intrigued….the wheels started turning on how I could use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

(That’s what happens when you’ve got marketing on the brain 24/7!)

But other things snatched my attention, so Pinterest was put on the back burner.

One day, out of nowhere, I decided that I wanted to be an early adopter of Pinterest….

So what did I do?

I spent literally 9 HOURS focused on one thing….

How to Effectively Promote Your Brand With Pinterest.

Lucky for you, I put all of my fabulous finds in an eCourse (5-part video series) that I’ll be releasing later this week, so stay tuned….

In the meantime, I hope that you will Follow Me on Pinterest.  

When you Follow Me on Pinterest, you will learn:

  • What’s on my nightstand (If I’m making the time to read it, you should too!)
  • What Marketers I Recommend Following
  • Quotes to Live By
  • What Entrepreneurs We’ve Deemed to be worthy of the coveted “The Savvy Entrepreneur™ Seal of Approval”
  • Savvy Business Ideas
And Much, Much, More!
Our Pinterest page isn’t a random array of funny dog pictures (although we may post funnies every now and again)- it’s a collection of golden nuggets, that will help you achieve your goals.
So what are you waiting for?!?

In case you missed my announcement awhile back, you’ll start seeing me marketing alongside my hubby, Rich with The Savvy Entrepreneur™ ; )

Are you on Pinterest?  What are your thoughts on it?  I’d love to hear from you!

To the Top!

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February 21, 2012


No Excuses?

If you’re active in the internet network marketing arena, you’ve probably heard some rumblings about a big live event coming up- No Excuses Summit 3. You’re probably wondering if this event is yet another hype- pitch fest….and whether or not it is worth your time to consider attending this event. If you are a network […]

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February 12, 2012


You’ve Gotta Read This…

This week, a good friend of mine, Kelly Baader is releasing her brand new book entitled A Little Girl Called Grace on Amazon. To say that this book is a must read, is the understatement of the year! (Yes, it’s that good…) Let me start from the beginning… I met Kelly about 18 months ago at […]

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February 6, 2012


Where Did She Go?!?

Sorry to keep y’all in suspense for so long! January 2012 got off to a very fast start!  It began with a Mastermind Workshop with Ann Sieg, author of The Renegade Network Marketer and CEO of 80/20 Marketing Inc. where 30 dedicated entrepreneurs flew to Minneapolis, MN for an intense 2 day workshop.  I kicked […]

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January 24, 2012


See Me Live This Weekend In Portland, Oregon!

Wow! This past weekend Rich & I were honored to have spoken at Ann Sieg’s Renegade Team Mastermind Workshop…it was a blast, and I’ll be sharing more about it soon. But for now, our flight landed here in Boise very early yesterday morning, and I’m already preparing for my next speaking gig this weekend in […]

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January 10, 2012


You Inc. Commandment #10: Honor Thy Laws & Regulations

If you’re selling products or services, there are certain rules and regulations that you must abide by, whether they are set by the company for whom you distribute products, platforms that you use to advertise (like Google or Facebook), or governmental agencies. There are rules governing: Advertising, Trademarks, Copyrights, Testimonials, Website Content…TaJust to name a […]

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December 21, 2011


Living a Purpose Driven Life

This is a post that I’ve been excited to write for the past couple of weeks, I just needed the time to devote in order to do my message justice… To be honest, it may turn many of you “off” and I’m ok with that. For others, it will give you a far deeper insight […]

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