A Networker’s Worst Nightmare

Today, I want to open up and share with you something that happened about a year and a half ago, that caused me to “disappear” from the industry until my recent comeback a few months ago. Although it still bothers me, I know that by sharing my experience, I can help you avoid the massive, costly mistake that I made.

If you’ve read any of my posts on forums, my blog or on Facebook, or if you know my husband Rich Hazlett, you may have heard the story about our success. If not, the abridged version is that I started online in January of 2007, and through blogging I was able to generate thousands of leads, sponsor lots of people into our businesses, and I became one of the top affiliates in two separate programs. But if you look at my blog, you’ll notice it’s a little “sparse” on content. Was I fibbing about my success? Absolutely not! You’re just witnessing the beginning of “Natasha Nassar: The Comeback”. (I had to come up with something catchy…right?) : )

So, what was the masive costly mistake that sent me underground for 1.5 years?

I knew that I needed to be the expert of a niche, so I decided to become the “Go-To” person for my business opportunity. As a result, I spent over 2 years creating awesome content about my opportunity. I explained the products and wrote about the “rumors” and gave the “facts” necessary to enable the reader to make up his or her own mind. I shared my secrets on how my fellow marketers could improve their performance. Most importantly, I wrote a lot about the “objections” people made about the opportunity, and I responded to their objections.

The goals I set for my blogging were simple: I wanted to educate people about my opportunity without any “hype” and I wanted to assist those in my business succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

As a resullt of sharing so much valuable information, people regularly contacted me wanting to join my business. Many just joined the business before even speaking with me. My business was rolling, and all of my hard work had started paying off big time…


One day the company decided that distributors could no longer write ANYTHING online about the company. So, shortly thereafter I got an email that said I had 48 hours to delete 2 YEARS of work, or else… Ouch!

You can imagine how devastating it was to have 2 years of hard work gone in an instant.

So, what lesson did I learn?

Well, fortunately I did a couple of things right… I became knowledgable about a very specific niche and I made myself the “expert” of that niche. BUT, the big mistake was tying my “identity” to my business opportunity.

With distributors turning to the Web to market their business, companies are getting stricter about what you can and can’t say online. More importantly though, companies come and go. By tying your identity to one company- you’re “putting all of your eggs in one basket”. If you leave that company, you have to create a new identity for th next opportunity.

Had I just branded myself from the get-go, I would have avoided the nightmare that I faced!

I truly hope that you will learn from my mistake, and find a specific niche to become an expert in….just don’t tie yoru brand to one company or product! You can always have separate blogs for those topics, but make your personal website your main “Hub”.

To Your Continued Success,

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  1. Richard Goutal Says:

    Wow that’s tough! But I know about that from personal experience. Not only was I told to take everything down but my distributorship was nearly cancelled. I finally talked them into taking less drastic action. Instead I was put on “probation” –imagine!!– for 6 months. Exactly well put Natasha. I am amazed that even some people that I met at the Portland event, newbies I guess you could say, are planning to make the very mistake you describe. As you say, brand yourself, first and foremost!

  2. Andrea Goodsaid Says:

    Hi Natasha –

    Saw your post over on the Launch community and thought I’d come support you here in public instead :)

    You are SO smart to share your story – this happens to so many people and promoting the “Brand You” version of online Network Marketing is about the biggest service you can do for anyone just beginning (or beginning again).

    Your story, though I’m sure it was heartbreaking to have to start fresh – will take you to even higher heights than you ever dreamed or could have working the other way … I have no doubt.

    And it’s also why you’re now able to truly empower an even wider audience going forward. So in a way – this was a gift you were handed!

    If there’s any way that I can help you – be sure to call on me anytime, okay?

    You go girl!!


  3. Jackie Ulmer Says:

    Oh Natasha! Good lesson learned and thanks for sharing! It is easy to caught up with the company as our brand!

    And, one only has to go through what you did to realize – ooops – my company is only one part of my online identity! And, better to be more of a hidden part!

    Glad you have “re-emerged!”

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  4. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks so much Jackie! It was a pretty tough lesson, but I’m glad that so many can benefit from my story!

  5. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Andrea and for the public support! I’m now looking at my experience as a gift, and have decided to dedicate myself to helping others build their brand the RIGHT way ;)

  6. Brian - Attraction Marketing Works Says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I think you are right about branding yourself versus trying to get leads from marketing your company. Based on the recent MLM conference I attended in Salt Lake, the company owners are aware of the great power of social media, but are more concerned about Attorney Generals. Since many people fail in MLM for various reasons, it’s a big target. Just google MLM and Montana to see a networking company basically killed due to something a few reps said online about income opportunity.

    Thanks, Brian

  7. Garrett Engellant Says:

    Thanks for the free info, good blog and I will be back again. Just thought I would let you know.


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