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Welcome to my blog!

I am a branding expert, practicing attorney, award winning internet marketer and co-founder of Fast Forward Marketing, LLC. Recently I was honored as the recipient of the Idaho Business Review’s 2013 Idaho Women of the Year Award.

In 2009, my husband Rich Hazlett and I made one of our biggest dream a reality when we moved across the country from Memphis, Tennessee to the incredible foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  We live in beautiful Boise, Idaho with our two dogs, Dixie and Dakota.

A few years later, in August 2012, I made my biggest dream a reality- I quit my full-time job as a practicing attorney to build my online business full-time. But it wasn’t an easy road to accomplish these dreams….

My Rocky Start:

Although my husband, Rich had prior experience in the network marketing industry, I found the industry in the fall of 2006. I remember how excited I was when I joined my first MLM opportunity. It was like the “light went off” and I saw the tremendous potential that a network marketing business has to offer.

When I started, I was EXTREMELY dedicated to building my business. I read the company training materials cover-to-cover the first day…then read it again and again. I made a list of my warm market prospects, purchased business cards and a domain name. I was READY for the customers to rolling in…or so I thought…

I followed my upline’s instructions to begin by calling my warm market. I called up college friends, high school friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, you name it! I took a co-worker to a hotel meeting, hosted a “grand opening” party at my house, and dutifully attended the company training calls. Yet, I managed to only convince one person to join our business. :(

Besides that, I got rejected over, and over, and over again. One of the most brutal rejections came from a friend who said that they were “surprised” that I would be involved with one of those “illegal pyramid things.” That one really stung because I’m an attorney…

Determined to succeed, I shook off the warm market rejections, and turned to the “cold market.” I designed a variety of flyers about our business and we spent countless nights (sometimes below freezing rainy ones) putting flyers on cars in movie theater parking lots, on apartment complex bulletin boards and in the mail rooms.

Then I designed some snazzy “sizzle cards” and we put them all OVER town (grocery store shelves, public restrooms, inside magazines at bookstores, on gas station pumps, and in the tip tray after every meal at a restaurant). It was insane!

Total number of new customers after countless hours of effort…Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Well, for most people all of that effort with no success would’ve discouraged them, but not us…
We decided that if we wanted to succeed, we’d have to start shelling out more money. So, we purchased classified ads in all of the college newspapers within a 200 mile radius. We purchased online classified ads and even joined forces with our upline in purchasing ad space on a billboard off the interstate.

Then came cold-calling a ton of leads. We purchased a ton of “home business” leads that were supposedly HOT (and only given to a few people…ha ha ha).

Total number of new customers after adding in this more “expensive” marketing strategy… Zero. Zilch. Nada.


The more we tried the old school methods, the more uncomfortable I felt.

Our Turning Point

I started thinking about my law practice, and how I was able to get people to pay me over $200 per hour for my advice. (Hint: it isn’t by talking to everyone in a 3-foot radius about their legal problems)!

That epiphany went hand-in-hand with a concept we discovered right around the time that we had sworn off the “traditional MLM sponsoring methods” preached by our upline in January 2007….ATTRACTION MARKETING!  We’ve never looked back!

We’ve won awards in our primary business opportunity and in the primary affiliate program we promote. We’ve generated thousands upon thousands of leads, sponsored over 200 people into our businesses and now offer an entire suite of digital training courses for our fellow home business owners.

My story has been featured in Simply Home magazine and I have trained along side some of our industry’s biggest leaders and my training is regularly featured in What’s Working Now.   In addition to being a top affiliate for two of the premier home business training programs in the world, I authored two of the most informative and highly-ranked blogs on the web on the subject of my former business opportunity. My blog was featured as a Top 50 MLM Blogs in 2010 and 2011.

I’m creator of the revolutionary Branding course for home business owners: Branded:100% Authentic , the co-author of  The Ultimate Attraction Marketing Crash Course The Lead Whisperer’s Guide to Attraction Marketing and the author of Slapped:  Lessons from the Internet Marketing Graveyard. I have worked with (and continue to work with industry leaders like Ann Sieg, DiDi Alcheva and others to bring the best information possible to my fellow entrepreneurs.

have been in the trenches, so I know exactly where so many of you are right now…overwhelmed with information and unsure where to start. I’m determined to help you succeed with this form of marketing because I believe that with the uncertainty of the economy, home businesses are the next fronteir for wealth generation.

Through this blog, I will share my strategies with those of you who are looking to learn how to generate targeted leads and build your brand on the internet.

When I’m not helping my fellow entrepreneurs, I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband and business partner,  Rich.  On any given weekday or weekend in the winter, you’ll find me on the ski slopes by my house.  I also love to write.  Some of my stories were featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine.  The links to a couple of my stories are below!

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I hope you enjoyed my story and I look forward to helping you
reach your goals!

To the Top!