Are You TRULY Ready to Succeed?

Let me ask you a question…if you are completely 100% honest with yourself, are you truly ready to succeed? The answer to this question can be the difference between success and failure. If you are truly ready to succeed, your success is guaranteed. If you are not ready to succeed, your chances diminish greatly.

How do you know? Well, if you are truly ready to succeed, your goals are set in your mind. You’ve closed your eyes and felt the feeling of success. You don’t bat an eye at someone’s criticism of your goals. You don’t give a moment’s pause to your goals when one business-building technique doesn’t work. You find yourself using every spare second to build your business. You know in the depths of your soul that you WILL succeed, and failure is not an option.

If you aren’t ready to succeed, you have goals in mind, but you aren’t sure that they are truly attainable. If you are honest with yourself, you have some nagging thoughts about whether your business will truly work. Someone’s criticism of your company makes you second-guess your decision to start your business. A family member or friend’s “not interested” response has you looking into whether the business is a scam and if people are truly making money. You are dedicated to working your business…so long as there isn’t a good show on TV, a pretty day outside, a friend coming over to visit, or a new magazine to read. You’ve got excuses ready in the event that you don’t succeed. “The business doesn’t really work” “It takes too long” “My sponsor didn’t call me back” “It’s too expensive” “So-and-so said it was a scheme.” Guess what? If you’ve got these excuses lined up…you’ll probably get the opportunity to use them. A perfect example from my own life experience illustrates my point.

I started smoking my sophomore year in college. I was going to quit when I turned 21, when I graduated from college, when I graduated from law school, and then after I passed the bar exam. All of my “deadlines” came and went. I was still a smoker. One day, I took a step in the right direction. I got some material on how to quit smoking and even purchased some nicotine patches. But when I gave up smoking, I felt like I was depriving myself of something positive. I would forlornly sniff the air as my friend puffed on a cigarette. I would hold an unlit cigarette, wishing I could smoke. I told myself that I wouldn’t smoke, unless work got too stressful…or if I got into a fight with my boyfriend…or if I gained too much weight. I had tons of excuses stockpiled, so it only took the slightest stressful event one month later to have me reaching for my pack of cigarettes.

Two other attempts to quit ended the same way- one of my “excuse” reasons would surface, and I was back to square one. Then, one random Wednesday in April, I decided “enough is enough!” I decided that smoking was no longer an option, and that there were no more excuses. I decided that I had to find a different solution for life’s stresses. Once I decided these things, and felt them in the bottom of my soul, my results started to change. Other people smoking around me no longer was a problem- I was no longer a “smoker.” When I got stressed out, I exercised or took deep breaths. Sure enough, four years later, I am still smoke-free.

I took this life lesson into my business practices. I decided before I ever joined my first networking company that I would succeed. I decided that I had had enough with counting my days in increments of one tenth of an hour. I decided that I would put my love of people, writing, and business into action, so that every day of my life would be spent doing what I love most. I decided that I would no longer be “living for the weekend” because every day would be a weekend and each day I would sleep until I was done. I decided that success was my future, and failure was not an option.

This unwavering “success attitude” was with me through my family and friends doubting the legitimacy of my business. It was there when my close friend called my business an “illegal pyramid scheme” (which was pretty insulting considering I am an attorney). It was with me when I ran around in thirty-degree weather posting flyers on every car in strip mall parking lots and never got a single person to join my business. My never-fail attitude was there when I got rejection after rejection from calling “business opportunity” leads. It was even there when I got nasty e-mails stating that my FREE system to networking business owners was a scam, and that I was a generally horrible person. (I’m not lying, I really got these!)

It was also there when I got person after person contacting ME ready to join my business. It was there when I made my first thousand and network marketing, and it will be there when I’m working full-time from home. So, now the question is…are you truly ready to succeed?

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