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question iconI’ve been getting a lot of questions about a variety of topics, and I thought that it would be beneficial for everyone if I just posted the questions I’ve received along with my answer since I’m sure more than 1 person has this question!

So, today’s questions:




From Allison:

“I haven’t done much with forums.  What are some that you like.”

Well, Allison, there are so many forums out there to choose from! Here are a couple that I would recommend for anyone in internet network marketing, and those are: User Profiles - Natasha NassarBetter Networker

Better Networker is Mike Dillard’s brain child and is the #1 source for network marketers to connect with others and get some awesome training. 

To get the most out of Better Networker, I would highly recommend that you become a member of the Association of Better Networkers for just $10/month.  As an ABN member (kind of like the BBB for network marketers) you must adhere to certain policies, but you will get access to special training and you have the ability to post content which is seen by 60,000 people and ranks well in the search engines. 

Free members have the ability to comment in the forums, and obviously connect with other members.

*By the way, I don’t get paid anything for making this recommendation, it’s just a really awesome resource!

The Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is where all of the big internet marketers (Note: Not Network Marketers) come to “talk shop”.  It’s an incredible resource. But just know that these folks are “hardcore”.   This is one of my husband’s  favorite forums.

Natasha’s Forum Tips:

  • NO SPAM:  Under no circumstance should you go into a forum “SPAMming” your link or your business opportunity.  You can and will get banned from the site (and probably get the wrath of a whole bunch of fellow networkers in the process).

This is a place to go and learn and mastermind. It is not a place to recruit people.  You will make connections that may lead to business ventures, but you shouldn’t go there for the purpose of “sharing” your opportunity or fishing to see if someone is “keeping their options open.” : )

Don’t believe me? I double dog dare you to see if I’m telling a fib on this one! ; )

  • Use a Signature File.  This is the file that looks like this:

Prospecting Stinks.  Sponsor People Without Cold Calling. See How

Every single forum that you post in should have the ability for you to create your own  Signature File (or “Sig File”).  It is essential that you set this up immediately, because this is what is posted at the bottom of all of your posts.   The cool thing is that forums last for a REAAAALLY long time, and are indexed by the search engines, so by posting in forums, you are creating little footprints all over the web.

  • Make Meaningful Contributions.  Don’t just post “Me Too” responses in forums just to get your signature file out there. If you do, you’ll end up being classified as a “spammer” by other members and then your credibility is shot! 
  •  Don’t Forget Niche Forums!  Once you know what you niche market is (i.e, yoga, weight loss, allergy sufferers, etc.) go and join forums where your target market goes.  That doesn’t mean you shove your product in people’s face. But make meaningful commentaries and people will probably click on your signature file.

Remember what I’ve said time and time again… Your reputation is EVERYTHING in this business. Blow it once and you’ve dig yourself a big ‘ol hole that you’ll spend quite some time getting out of!

From Kim:

“I am getting a ratio of 10:1 SPAM comments to our Blogs/Articles/Websites—am I doing the right thing or has something gone awry?”

Ahhhh SPAM.  If there’s one thing that annoys the YOU KNOW WHAT out of me it’s SPAM!  (And I’m not talkin’ about the sketchy luncheon meat either…) ; ) 

Whether it’s someone sending me an email asking me to call them just to “chat” or someone inviting me into a war of “compensation plans” to someone just “wondering if I keep my options open” SPAM is a reality in our business.  Not only that- just by virtue of being online- we get SPAM offers daily in our inbox.  SO annoying, right?

Well, Kim, I’ve got some Bad News and some Good News.

The Bad News:  You’re going to have to deal with SPAM as long as you fire up that computer….

The Good News:

            1.  Spammers have found you, which means you’re “out there” and “visible” to others. (As opposed  to having some underground, unknown site!)

            2.  There is a terrific Plug-In for WordPress blogs called “Akismet” that you can install for free! It’ll catch all of your SPAM and you can sift and sort through it and approve anything that’s actually not SPAM.  I’ve found that it’s pretty darn accurate!

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5 Responses to “Because You Asked…”

  1. Larry Pollock Says:

    Very Nice. Akismet comes with the download of WordPress or auto installs with Simple Scripts for WordPress. All you need is to go get the authorization Key and let it got to work for you. Does a great job on both Faith’s and my site.
    Larry Pollock recently posted..WordPress Plugins – 2 Admin Plugin “Must Haves”

  2. Lee Wise Says:


    Yes, and about content: many forums allow you to post your content there as well such as articles and videos. I know BetterNetworker allows and rewards you for that. Not sure on Warrior Forum at present time. They established an additional way to post articles.

    At any rate, that is one way to share good stuff to be helpful to others.

    I have found some very helpful people on forums!

    Lee Wise recently posted..7 Ideas For Personal and Business Self Growth

  3. Alex Pablate Says:

    Lee Wise, you may be familiar with digitalpoint forum it is great place for internet marketer, I always participate in that whenever I get time.

    However, according to you BetterNetworker is also very nice place for this type of stuff.

    Overall, I found very informative contents helpful for those who are new to these type of stuff.

    Keep it up!


  4. Emily Says:

    The educational post helped me a lot! Bookmarked the website, extremely excellent topics everywhere that I read here! I like the info, thank you.

  5. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks for sharing that site Alex, will definitely check it out. Lee- thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..An Inspiring Interview

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