Building The Success Snowball

This past weekend up at the Tamarack Ski Resort, I starting thinking a lot about snow…and not just because I was doing a Snow Dance so I could hit the slopes! ; )

I was thinking about a lesson I’ve shared with many of my coaching students that I’ve been meaning to write about for a LONG time…

The Success Snowball!

The Success Snowball is my solution to the oft-mentioned problem of:

“But I’m new….I have no value to offer anyone!”

For purposes of this example, I’m going to share how the Success Snowball can be applied for an entrepreneur wanting to learn how to marketing a business online and teach others to do the same.  However, this concept can be applied to any niche!

So, let’s say you’re brand new to the world of online marketing but you’re fascinated with this skillset and want to master it for yourself and share this skillset with other entrepreneurs.  Here’s how it works:

The brand-new beginner learns about “Attraction Marketing” and “You, Inc.” but has no clue where to begin.

You, being a Savvy Entrepreneur, have discovered the importance of setting up a blog and have already set up your blog (even if it isn’t quite perfect).

Bam!  Success #1:  You’ve done something that the Brand New Beginner (BNB) has not yet done.  Add a little snow to the snowball because you can teach them how to set up a blog (or the importance of having a blog)!

Remember, all you need to do is be one step ahead of your reader.  If you’ve done what they haven’t yet done, you can lead!

Next up…You, being a Savvy Entrepreneur, recognize that “The Money’s In Your List” so you’ve set up a basic autoresponder email series and a web form on your Blog to collect your leads.

Bam! Success #2:  You’ve done something that the BNB has not yet done (which is get their list building mechanism in place).  So add a little more snow to that snowball. : )

You FINALLY generate your first lead online. 

Congratulations Success #3!  90% of marketers never even make it to this step. Now you can add even more snow to your snowball! : )

If you can generate one lead online, you can generate tens of thousands of leads online.  You can now authentically say that you know how to generate leads online.  Way to Go!

Next you’ll generate your first sale online. 

Bam! Success #4!

This is a BIGGIE…. I believe that 95% of those attempting to market online won’t make it this far.  Congratulations and pack on a big pile of snow for this accomplishment.  Your snowball is getting much larger right now!  You can authentically tell people that you know how to generate sales online.  After all, if you can make one sale you can make millions of sales!

If you’re a network marketer- Success will also come in the form of a person joining your network marketing opportunity without ever speaking with you first. This is huge- since it’s the essence of attraction marketing.  If you can do it once you can do it hundreds and hundreds of times like we have!

Pack on a ton of snow onto your snowball for this one, because you can legitimately tell people that you can teach them how to get people to join their network marketing opportunity without cold-calling or chasing family members and friends.

Success #5: You generate your first $1,000 online. 

Pack on even more snow for this one.  Same for your first $5,000, $10,000 etc.  The more money you make online the smaller the percentage of people in this industry that can authentically claim to have achieved those same results.

I could go on for pages and pages about the different ways to increase the size of your Success Snowball, but here are just a few others that come to mind:

-       Creating your own informational product

-       Selling your own informational product

-       Coaching/Consulting clients who achieve results as a result of your training

-       Joint Ventures with top industry leaders

-       If you’re in Network Marketing, receiving recognition from your company

As you can tell, it only takes baby steps to start creating your snowball.  All it really takes is ACTION on your part.  The rest will fall into place so long as you are continuing to do the right things to grow your business.

I am a firm opponent of “faking it til you make it.”  I think that there are plenty of things that you can use to build a success snowball and attract customers and clients to you that “faking” it (a/k/a lying) is simply unnecessary.

Additionally, if you are developing You, Inc. on a foundation of falsehoods, you’re treading on very thin ice.  As I’ve mentioned time and time again in my 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc. training series, people buy from those whom  they know, like and trust.

Don’t risk demolishing that trust and rapport by fudging results.  

Trust me, I’ve lost tremendous respect for plenty of so-called leaders in this industry once I discovered that they were fudging results or leaving out crucial information about the results they generated online.  Don’t fall into this trap.

Be authentic and create your own Success Snowball. 

It’s the sustainable and SAVVY way to build your brand online!

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To the Top!

10 Responses to “Building The Success Snowball”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Excellent post, Natasha! Just reading what you have to say is encouraging. We typically know more than we think we do – now to put all of that into action!
    Lisa recently posted..10 Components to Your Successful Online Business

  2. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks Lisa! That’s so true! It always amazes me how little “value” people think they have when coming online. They are FAR more knowledgable than they give themselves credit for!

    Glad you stopped by! : )
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..How to Survive Marketing Mishaps

  3. Steve-Personal Success Factors Says:

    Natasha, this is such an encouraging post. All it takes is building one little victory at a time, and having cheerleaders like yourself who encourage us along the way. I can see your coach’s heart shining through each post you write. Thanks for the motivational ‘shot in the arm.’ :)
    Steve-Personal Success Factors recently posted..Cut Through Your Problems Like A Knife Through Butter

  4. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Awww thanks so much Steve : ) You’re right, I can’t help but coach sometimes!

    Nothing makes me smile more than watching beginners who think they have absolutely nothing to offer, realize just how valuable they really are! : )

    Happy to be that “shot-in-the-arm!” any day of the week : )
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..Let’s Put The “Giving” Back Into Thanksgiving

  5. Rachel Lavern Says:

    Great article! One step at a time will get us where we want to go, and probably result in a more pleasant journey too. Our progress will begin to accumulate on its own soon enough.

    I no longer hesitate after each step I take. Why wait to see if we get any “results” from it – just keep moving slowly and steadily. I find that I am astounded at how quickly the process begins to snowball and return real results. Why hang around waiting for them–they might be delayed. Remember, “A watched pot never boils.”
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Caterpillars, Butterflies and Change

  6. Kelly S Elliott Says:

    Awesome post Natasha you have to celebrate each new accomplishment. When I make calls to prospects that is an accomplishment since I know many will not step up to do that simple thing. There are so many accomplishments to have on the way to celebrate.
    Kelly S Elliott recently posted..Focus On Your Strengths

  7. patricia Says:

    Beautiful and powerful metaphor the one of the snaw ball. I think it is much harder to have the 1st snow on the ball ( like a robust rapport based list) than having the other steps which come automatically…
    Thanks Natasha!
    patricia recently posted..The Art of Handling Adversity to Produce Extraordinary Results

  8. Lynda Cromar Says:

    As you can tell, it only takes baby steps to start creating your snowball. All it really takes is ACTION on your part. The rest will fall into place so long as you are continuing to do the right things to grow your business. – That is the key to your whole article right there, taking small steps everyday, and building that success snowball. I would add make sure to pat yourself on the back for every little step and don’t compare yourself to someone who has “arrived” you have not seen their journey.
    Lynda Cromar recently posted..Why I Decided To Enter The Top MLM Blog Contest For The First Time Ever!

  9. Angela Says:

    Love this Natasha! I think people tend to get frustrated because they don’t understand this concept. It is one little success at a time and building on each little success. It is pretty exciting once the snowball gets rolling. I am glad you shared this because I think a lot of people are going to find value in this.
    Angela recently posted..Magnetic Sponsoring Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

  10. Candice Michelle Says:

    What a powerful article! If ever we just fell in life, we learn to stand on our own effort not to rush because everything is not getting in a quick way. We must work hard at first because one day we’ll all unearned sense we have just keep on dreaming. One step at a time is a key to success!
    Candice Michelle recently posted..שליחת SMS

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