“Feeling Empowered?” A Dialogue Has Begun!

Glad to get a dialogue going on the topic of the Empower Network. In response to my first article on why I have personally chosen not to participate in the Empower Network, here’s what one reader/Empower Network member, Steve Gonzalez, had to say:


About  the System

I understand what you mean by building your brand. However I don’t view the Empower Blogging platform as a negative.  As an example, when I’m online I often click on banners that interest me as I roam websites. The Empower Blog site you mentioned earlier with the big naked guy on it has three banners for people to click on that will direct them back to me. Now a person can could do the same thing with their own blog site, but it terms of getting out and moving quickly this set up helps tremendously.

Its simple to use, pretty much plug and play.  And the marketing team at Empower sends out material daily that one could use to post on their blog, Facebook, or send out as email.  All great material to utilize and review while getting familiar and writing original content.  At least that’s how I’m using it.  I’m not the greatest writer he-he, so it helps.

How about this thought.  Wouldn’t a site where 9000 people contributing articles, be a place where other articles get noticed? Sort of like an ezinearticles.com. Wouldn’t that be good for my articles.   According toAlexa.com the site is at #304 in the U.S.  Also I think what David Wood put together is catching on because I received an email yesterday from Ann Seig telling me I can now link directly to her blog to take advantage of the vast articles that’s there. Wow right, we’re talking The Renegade Blog, Ann Sieg the Queen. And now I have a personal referral to it.  Isn’t that the same thing as with the Empower Network Blog?

As a person becomes more familiar with working on and building a blog they can go out and set up their own. I’m still working on mine and its still not that easy. Plus, I had it set up for me by the people at Free Blog Factory (which  I used for the purpose of taking out the technical aspect, but in order to make it more me, I had to figure out how to remove all their stuff and put in mine.) So at first working on your blog isn’t easy at all.  I would liked to have something like this to get have gotten started.  I spent a lot time figuring technical things out. That time could have been spent advertising or writing articles.

On the subject of Branding

When you spoke of branding David Wood; Since I’m a person that hasn’t done much in this industry, I look forward to leveraging someone else’s success.  Its not uncommon to do this in the “Network Marketing/ MLM” arena.  That’s my unique selling position — “Hello Mr. Prospect by working with me you get access to the guru. Anything I can’t answer they can. You’ll never want for information about building yourself or your business.  Together we’ll learn how to put ourselves at the front of the pack.”  Isn’t this a reasonable approach to getting started in this business.  Most people in MLM come to understand what counts most is access to the system. As long as I have access to the system it doesn’t matter who the up-line is.

If I’m getting started with a newbie (which is true most of the time) so long as they can point me to where to get my questions answered i’ll be fine.  Is that a wrong way to think about approaching your business? I personally don’t think so.

Again I’m still new maybe that’s to idealistic an approach to take, but I believe the Empower system is fantastic.  If I follow the training provided I will be able to personally brand myself. The training thats back there is great. Examples are:

  • Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products,
  • Join Your Businesses And Love You For It,
  • The power of Unity,
  • How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business,
  • Hypnotic Selling Secrets and much more.

There’s audios from top income earners, calls every week to stay in the right mindset. Basically everything that’s in an MLM to keep people trained, motivated and moving forward.  How can one not learn to become their better self, and then brand themselves with all this information available to them.  And the icing on the cake.  Its packaged to provide a very nice income vehicle for all those that use it.

Right now I’m a happy guy, I’m very personable and I have a good heart for people. Kind of hard branding that in an industry that looks to those with proven results. But I’m not swayed I’ll keep trying until I’m there. That’s why I like this industry because being in a system that can earn you money thus compounding the time it would have taken in a traditional vehicle (job) is like giving someone a gift.

The 100% Issue

The technicality of the “100% commissions” I don’t believe will ever be a big deal.  Should they come up with a different phrase, maybe.  In my view, when speaking about the 100% commission structure; all that’s doing, is comparing it with another companies payment structure.  So it gives me a choice.  I can join the Empower Network for $25 per month. When I refer someone that joins I will be paid $25 per month.  Comparing this to say SWOM for example; $25 per month to join then upon referring someone who joins I get $15 for their first month then $5 every month after. So its a choice- $25 every month versus $5.  Same amount of work involved for both.  I’ll take the $25 he-he.

Again thanks Natasha for the personal insight. I went on a little long but I wanted to share from my what I’m seeing and how I approach being a member of the Empower Network.


Steve, I appreciate your thoughtful discussion of the Empower Network.  Thanks for starting a great discourse.   I know that my readers can most certainly benefit from an “insider’s” perspective.  Since you’re admittedly new to this MLM/Internet Marketing realm, I want to share my perspective on a couple of the points you raised, since I’ve been an Internet Network Marketer since January of 2007 and have a little experience under my belt ;)

1.  The Training

I have no doubt that David Wood is providing fantastic training.  He’s a VERY smart guy who has proven results. If it’s training your after- I am confident that the Empower Network will deliver.


2.  You kind-of sweep the 100% Commission thing under the rug ; )

That’s understandable.

Most online marketers tend to fall asleep when it comes to issue of regulations and laws because, let’s face it…they’re boring!

I’m a little different than most because I’m an attorney and an internet network marketer.  So I make it my practice to stay informed on the latest FTC issues.  I’ve been on a quest to educate marketers about being Savvy when it comes to marketing online, by sharing some of the major regulatory issues online that Gurus just sweep under the rug in a quest for short term gains.  I’ve got a free webinar presentation on many of the big legal land mines facing internet marketers (even beginners!):

While you may not be concerned about the 100% Commission technicality, organizations like the Federal Trade Commission are.  I’m not saying that the claim is or is not a violation of the FTC regulations. Only the FTC can decide that.

What I am saying is that the fact of the matter is that the program promises 100% commissions.  Consumers are led to believe that they are making 100% of what they sell- after all, that’s the common meaning of 100% Commission.

Based upon my understanding of the compensation plan, this is not what takes place.  Therefore, there is a risk that if this program gets on the FTC’s radar, you’ll likely see a change in the 100% commission claim.  If that takes place, Empower Network loses a TON of its appeal.


3.  Branding/USP

I could write for hours and hours about your misconceptions about Branding and USP (in fact I have…. I’ve got a TON of articles here on my blog to address this issue).  Here are a few:

The 10 Commandments for Building You, Inc.

Finding Your USP

Thou Shalt Build and Promote Thy Brand

Suffice it to say, even if you are BRAND NEW, you need to just start working on your Success Snowball (one of my recent posts) immediately! ; )

I made the mistake of doing exactly what you are proposing to do… “Hi, I’m Natasha, and I’m new and don’t know much about internet marketing, but go to this Guru.”

When you do this, you aren’t showcasing your value as a leader.

You’re delivering YOUR valuable lead to the Guru on a silver platter! (And that’s bad) because people will just go to the Great Guru for information instead of you!

Read my article about finding your USP and hopefully you can work on developing your own USP.  : )

I would advise that at a minimum you craft a simple Free Report or Free Video and teach something valuable before you lead anyone to the Empower Network.  This way you can brand yourself on the front end, and use the Empower Network as just a recommended resource.

4.  About the System

The “attraction marketing” niche is not that big.  When a massive amount of people use the same article/content- it loses its uniqueness.  This is exactly why Google booted people from promoting Affiliate Pages on Google Adwords.

If a few people do it, it’s a great thing.  If 10,000 people are sending out the same article via Twitter and Facebook, it’s going to lose its efficacy.  Look at all the Facebook Ads about the Empower Network. It’s saturated.

The larger the network gets, the less unique and effective the content that you’ll be sharing.  I would strongly suggest that you create your own content and supplement with any other content. If you stink at writing, no problem- do videos! : )

Additionally, I firmly believe that you MUST own your own internet real estate.  Period.  No exceptions.  I don’t care if you’re a beginner or an expert.  Not owning your own Internet Real Estate is like building your house on a foundation of sand.

Bad Idea!

That’s why I don’t recommend free blogging platforms and only recommend using a self-hosted WordPress blog.  You own your own content.

Don’t know how to set up your own blog, hire someone.  If you’re serious about building a sustainable business online, you need to be willing to invest in the basic necessity of having your own blog.

Speaking of Ann Sieg…Ann is not only a mentor of mine, but a personal friend. Ann is a VERY strong advocate for people creating their own free offer before promoting other people’s stuff (even newbies!).

This is what we teach people who are part of our Marketing Team.  We teach people how to get started the right way so that they can build a sustainable business from the get-go….so they don’t take the unnecessary detour of discrediting their own value in favor of building up some Guru.

Thanks again for starting a great dialogue.

As with any product or service that you spend your hard-earned money on, please do your due diligence. : )

To the Top!

PS If you are interesting in learning more about my marketing team and how you can work with me, you may apply here.

15 Responses to ““Feeling Empowered?” A Dialogue Has Begun!”

  1. Jupiter Jim Says:


    Wow, loved your article! I probably agreed with every one of your points. You said: “Don’t know how to set up your own blog, hire someone. If you’re serious about building a sustainable business online, you need to be willing to invest in the basic necessity of having your own blog.”

    Believe me, I couldn’t agree with your more. You wouldn’t build your house on some else’s property, so why would you do that with your blog? I build WordPress Blog and Websites for people and their businesses — that’s how I make my living. I even have over 65 FREE Video Tutorials on WordPress and the Thesis Theme, that’s over 9 hours of FREE training. No hype, nothing to sign up for. I will always have great customers, people like you (although you’re not my client) who understand that these automated blog building systems and factories are NOT a good long term strategy for your business. And having the same “great content” duplicated over thousands of blogs ultimately helps ONE PERSON and it ain’t the person copying and pasting it. They can talk about “free content” until you’re ready to provide your own original content, but most people will keep on copying and pasting because people hate to write, people don’t know what to write, and people are lazy. Hello?

    Natasha, stand alone, self-hosted wordpress blogs like yours and mine will still be here long after the Empower Network has outlived it’s sustainability.

    Rock on!

    –Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..WordPress Tutorial: Add Images and Files to Media Library in WordPress

  2. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Hey Jupiter Jim! WOW! I just love it when a fabulous new resource stumbles onto my blog : ) Thanks for letting me (and my readers) know that you provide this great service and a ton of resources for training.

    Much needed! Will be hopping over to your blog shortly!
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..Let’s Put The “Giving” Back Into Thanksgiving

  3. Candice Michelle Says:

    For people like me who do not know the truth about the compensation plan of Empower Network, your insights changed my perception about it. I agree with that they should change their unique selling proposition regarding their payment structure. I think it would be better for them to use something more realistic and believable rather than the 100% commission.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..יוגה

  4. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    Well said Natasha… very very well said, right down to numerous legal implications that could very well complicate matters. Thanks for speaking up.

    PS: There are times that riding on someones coat-tails is a great move when it lifts us up personally but there are also times its an incredibly risky and costly gamble (time wise as much as financially). Everyone wants a short-cut but not all shortcuts pay off. Always think clearly and evaluate fully.
    Kimberly Castleberry recently posted..American Based Businesses Beware!

  5. Jeff Lambson Says:

    Hey Natasha, I am glad you are getting into the nitty-gritty of the Empower Network. I joined thinking I can get some SEO juice and see if David Wood magic rubs off on me. I have personally spent time with David and his sweet wife at his in-law’s home in Utah.

    The blogging challenge he gives is a good idea. Write 100 posts, (500 words) each day. What if you did the same thing on your own unique post and had a marketing system that brands you? This is what I am doing now. I know people having lists are making some good money. I am impressed that Natasha has not given in to making a quick buck. Lets be honest with our newbies and give them a fighting chance by developing naturally. (blood, sweat, & tears)

    ~ Jeff Lambson
    Jeff Lambson recently posted..Making Key Life Decisions in the Bathtub

  6. James Says:

    Very compelling counter points, Natasha.

    I’m glad you are leading with what you are passionate about and what you believe will help people in the long run.

    Whether you Agree or disagree, this is very well written post.

    Great Going!

    James recently posted..Empower Network: Is this the McDonalds of the Internet?

  7. Jaden Daniels Says:

    I stopped by so I could comment in the 50 MLM contest. I just joined Empowered Network and after reading this I realize I can do this on my own.
    I am going to bookmark your site. I know I will be able to learn so much.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jaden Daniels recently posted..Are You Passionate About Your Dream?

  8. Natasha Nassar Says:

    You can absolutely build your own brand! I am so glad that you found my blog helpful and it is my mission to ensure that you and all of my readers get the best information out there on how to build your brand online!

  9. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks James. Compelling counter points are a lawyer’s specialty, LOL ; )

  10. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Jeff! The way I’m “wired,” I don’t get easily swayed by the prospect of a “quick buck”. A long-time family friend who passed away several years ago once said that when you climb the ladder of success, you should do so, with honor. That’s how I live my life and run my business : )

  11. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Completely agree with you, Kim…. you’ve got to weight the risks and benefits before making such a decision. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find ANYONE online talking about the risks….so I took it upon myself to do so ; ) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  12. John Says:

    I loved the concept totally, however I have been a member for almost two weeks and have not received what I paid for. NO BLOG and as you can see from my other blog, I know how to use Word Press. Can anyone get to someone who knows how to resolve a simple issue? The problem solvers are not getting it done, in my opinion. Have not been able to blog at all, not at all.

  13. Tyronne Ratcliff Says:

    Awesome post Natasha, I happened to be a first time commenter but I’ll definitely be a regular contributor now and into the future, I wish I could of found your blog sooner, awesome content!
    Tyronne Ratcliff recently posted..Is Affiliate Marketing A Bunch Of Hype?


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