From the Vault- My Testimonial for Mike Dillard

Found this the other day…since I’ve had to start a new blog from scratch, I thought it might be good to see where I was in the glory days before I made my big mistake (which I’m going to share with all of you this week)!
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“It Was Hilarious! My Upline Couldn’t Figure Out How I Was Sponsoring So Many Distributors!”

Check out this email I woke up to this morning from a lawyer… I couldn’t help but laugh and nod my head because I’ve been there, done that… ;)

- Mike

From The Desk of Attorney, Natasha Nassar:

“Well, I got married in May, and since then I have written close to 300 thank you notes…for china plates, silverware, casserole dishes, you name it.

And the one thank you note I should have written MONTHS ago- is to the guy who helped me generate tons of free leads and put literally thousands of dollars in my pocket in the past six months… (that’s you, Mike).

With that being said, here’s my story…

I got into my first networking venture in October 2006.  I loved the concept of the whole business model, so I joined a company.

But for some reason handing out fliers in the freezing cold, putting little yellow “sizzle cards” in books in bookstores, and on pumps at the gas station just didn’t sit well with me.

That’s probably because I’m an attorney, and to me the 3-foot rule, hotel meetings and sizzle cards seems a bit cheesy and unprofessional.

If I wouldn’t get clients that way in my legal profession, I don’t want to do it to get business partners into my networking company…That’s just my humble opinion.

So, there I was, faced with an incredible business concept, but a pitiful marketing plan (the 3-foot rule, hotel meetings and sizzle cards).  I was about to give up hope, then I found Magnetic Sponsoring.

What you teach in Magnetic Sponsoring just makes SENSE.

It is the real, legitimate way to get business.  I no longer feel like a desperate loser hocking my product.

I don’t have to deal with people who think they can get something for nothing (Black Belt Recruiting really helped me deal with these types in particular).  I was able to generate my OWN prospects, many of whom joined my business, (which cost around $500 and $50 a month), without even speaking with me.

My sponsor, who admittedly knows nothing about the Internet, was FLOORED!

He would call to congratulate me on my latest distributor, and would ask their background, and I would say “Who? Hmmm… I don’t know where they came from, guess I should give them a call”.  At first he thought is was beginner’s luck, (or just some sick joke I was playing), but then it became a regular occurance.

It is awesome!

Mike, there is no denying the power of what you teach in Magnetic Sponsoring. It is based on sound marketing principles.  And the way you teach it, makes it easy for everyone to understand.

To be honest, I could write for HOURS about all of the awesome things I learned in each of your products, but suffice it to say- for those serious about making it in this industry- you will get far more out of Mike’s courses than you invest.

I have made WAY more using your Magnetic Sponsoring system than I paid for all of your products COMBINED.  (Truth be told, I feel a little guilty, actually).

Needless to say, the first thing I tell my downline, when the want to know what they need to do to build their business, is to direct them to Magnetic Sponsoring.

Anyone who is truly serious about building their networking business is a complete fool if they can’t see the wisdom in shelling out the few bucks for your Magnetic Sponsoring book at an absolute minimum (and quite frankly all of your incredible courses).

Thanks again for everything Mike, you are truly a gift to all of your students!

Sincerely, Natasha”


Mike Dillard

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