Is A Networking Business Right For You?

It seems like everywhere I go on the Internet, people are always talking about the “failure rate” in Network Marketing. There are some unfortunate stories where companies truly were scams, but I’ll be willing to bet that there’s another party of the story that you aren’t getting…

I get e-mails from people on a regular basis complaining about their “lack” of results, their sponsor’s failure to return their phone call, the lack of support they are getting from the company…these people typically blame everything BUT themselves.

A lot of the times these are the same people who are on the eternal search to find a way “to make this thing work”. Not surprisingly, these are also typically the same people who leap from opportunity to opportunity, looking for something that will “work”.

It’s the old- I need a new hammer to build this house- because it surely isn’t the carpenter who could be responsible for the house getting built. Where am I going with all of this? Well, contrary to what some network marketing leaders teach, everyone is NOT your prospect.

Along these same lines, I believe there are some people who just simply are not cut out to be their own boss. I talk to people on a daily basis who are looking into starting a home-based businesses and/or getting involved in a Network Marketing opportunity. Truth be told, many of these people want the BENEFITS that come with being their own boss, but they don’t really know if they have what it takes to be their own boss or don’t really want to do what it takes to be their own boss. Why is this? Because they have been taught the “trade my time for money” concept. This concept doesn’t work in Network Marketing.


At the beginning of any network marketing career, you will likely get paid less than you are worth. In other words, the time you put in to getting your business started won’t equal the money you make. But if you stick with it long enough, soon you’ll start getting paid for your time. Here’s where Network Marketing takes a detour from the “trade my time or money” concept….continue to work consistently and diligently and then you’ll get paid MORE than you are worth!

But in order to get to the third “level” you have to go through the first two. To see if you have what it takes to be self-employed, take this test from the book, “Is Self-Employment for You? by Paul Casey.

The examines your emotional readiness and personality traits that ultimately make the difference between success and failure in a business. You must be completely honest with yourself on this test! If you don’t score well, don’t worry! You now know what you need to work on, if, of course, you really want to be your own boss!

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  1. Penni Says:


    Thanks for all your posts and resources — and especially, thank you for the link to Paul Casey’s assessment. As of this moment, I’m including it in my toolkit for people thinking about going into business for themselves – whether it’s network marketing or not. Great resource. Thanks too for your powerful comeback!

  2. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Glad you liked the assessment Penni- I did too! :) I’m so happy to be back!

  3. Alison Elliot Says:

    Excellent post. Really puts its all into perspective. I’ve been working for myself for most of my adult life. I recently got into “network mkting” about a year ago. Jumped in “full boat” as they say, slapped down $20,000 straight away and then had no idea what to do next. It was like I was in a foreign country. Even though I’d been self employed forever, working over the internet was a totally new ball game. I actually believed there wasn’t much, if anything, for me to do to be a “six figure earner”. Well, that’s a myth. There’s no free lunch, no get rich quick, no six figure income – without discipline and work. Internet marketing comes complete with a roller coaster ride of a learning curv. You have to be prepared to hold on tight while you’re on the ride. I’m still here, still ridding and still learning. The best part of it all so far is making contacts like this:)
    Alison Elliot recently posted..Begin With The End In Mind

  4. Candice Michelle Says:

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