How NOT to Prospect

It is my sincere hope that you aren’t prospecting this way, and that this painful experience of mine will save you from making these fatal flaws in your business.

Awhile back, I got an interesting phone call from someone pretending to be interested in joining my company. When I returned her phone call, she promptly told me that she too had looked into joining my company eight months ago.

I gulped- knowing that not only did this lady have no intention of joining my business, she wanted to sell me on joining a competing business. Worse than that, for the next 7 minutes and 48 seconds she proceeded to give me testimonial after testimonial about how great her company was, how quickly she “retired”, and how her son was making $25,000 in residual income in just three months. And she went on, and on and on and on and on! I actually started worry that she might pass out from never taking a single breath!

Fortunately, 7 minutes and 48 seconds was the limit for this woman…she had to take a breath. Sheer curiosity about the depths this woman would go to try to sell her business kept me on the phone up to that point….but when she paused, I told her thank you and that I wished her the best of luck with her business.

What went wrong? Let me count the ways…

She found my website which also had my phone number. She then took it upon herself to contact me during dinnertime about joining her competing company. Not once did I indicate any desire to leave my company. Not once did I show the slightest interest in her company. Despite these facts, she chose to call me- that was Fatal Error #1.

Fatal Error #2 was not even bothering to ask me if I was even happy in my current business(which obviously I am). She made no effort to get to know me, my goals, my concerns, no attempt to build rapport with me whatsoever! How in the WORLD does she expect me to trust her, when she has shown so little concern for me? It was clear within the first 32 seconds of the phone call that she was out for one thing- HERSELF! That is no way to build a team of business owners. In fact, it is contrary to every business building principle I hold dear!

Fatal Error #3 was the fact that not only did she launch into an unsolicited sales pitch, she did so for nearly 8 minutes. She spent 8 minutes of her valuable time reciting a canned sales pitch to someone who couldn’t have cared less about what she was selling.

Fatal Error #4 was her incessant use of “hype”. I seriously doubt that someone who is making so much money that she was able to “retire” would A) have the time to waste talking to someone who didn’t even request any information on her company; and B) is so desperate for a sale that she would try to recruit people in a competing company. If the company was so great and she was so successful, she would have people joining her business like I have- 5 people, 3 days, 2 countries- 3 of which I had never spoken with prior to their joining my team.

I hope you don’t prospect like this, because I don’t know who is buyingI using this method!!!
Thank goodness I found Attraction Marketing….over 150 personally sponsored distributors and Rich and I never once, subjected our prospects to this kind of torture!

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