How to Build A Business When Your Don’t Have A Ton of Money

I am a member of the MLM Launch Community, and I asked a group of beginners what topics they wanted answered. Here’s on of the questions I got.

With the state of the economy and the high unemployment rate across the country, many of those people are looking for something…anything, yet do not have the disposable funds available to them. Where and how can/should start? Also, there is so much information out there, most now saying the same thing, who should they invest in, a single person or multiple experts, without breaking the bank and end up in “Information Overload”

When my husband Rich and I started marketing online back in January of ’07- we both gravitated towards the traffic generation methods that suited our styles best. Rich got moving on PPC (he’s REALLY good at that) and I got started with blogging and article marketing (aka the “free”) traffic generation methods.

Honestly, if someone doesn’t have a lot of disposable income, I would say that first of all, the one absolutely essential thing that you MUST buy is an autoresponder. Otherwise you’ll never have your own list! AWeber is only $19.99 a month, and as I’m sure you’ve heard…the money’s in the list.

There are a host of free traffic generation methods (social media, blogs, forum marketing, article marketing) out there and I was able to make a lot of sales and have a large number of people join our primary business using those strategies. The catch with these types of methods is that it takes time.. so they just need to be patient and be consistent in using these methods.

As far as who to follow… I went the multiple expert route….Rich and I have spent almost $1000 on training products in the past 30 days ALONE. BUT, we’re also at a more advanced level. So, it may make some big gurus mad (sorry ya’ll!) but if I had it to do all over again as a beginner, I would invest my money in a coach (not someone that is a guru charging 10K/day, but just someone that has had success online and is willing to coach you for a reasonable rate).

Why? Well, a coach can show you the ropes and can arm you with a tangible plan, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or spend a ton of $ on a bunch of products (puzzle pieces), when you have no idea how the puzzle should be put together.

Also, there are a lot of coaches out there (us included) that coach their downline for free. So if people are willing to get involved in another or a different opportunity, there is a good chance that there is a coach out there willing to coach them and show them the ropes for free.

As far as our experience with “multiple experts”- We have purchased pretty much every mainstream product out there that you’ve heard of, and I’m going to be very blunt…not a single product that I’ve every purchased gives you the entire plan. The products show you how the individual puzzle pieces work- but there are a LOT of moving parts to having a succesful business.

I truly believe (and others may strongly disagree with me) that only a coach can show you how to put it all together so that you get started on your journey with a map, instead of ending up on some expensive detours.

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