How to Create a Personalized Signature

An important part of building “You, Inc” is allowing people to get to know you!  To do that, you should consider putting your personal touch on everything you do online.  One fun way to do that, is to customize your posts with your own personalized signature.

You may have been wondering how everyone gets those nifty customized signatures on the end of their blog post or emails.  If so, you’re in luck!

Check out this video where I walk you step by step through creating your own personalized signature for FREE and how to place it into your blog post.

Make sure to share your comments with me. Is there something like this that you’ve been wanting to do, but don’t want to take the time to figure out how to do it? Tell me what it is, and I’ll make a how-to-video!

To Your Success,

26 Responses to “How to Create a Personalized Signature”

  1. Kelly Baader Says:

    Hi, Natasha,
    Thank you for the video. It surely helps for the beginners.
    Kelly Baader recently posted..It’s Show Time! Green Screen Video Mastery Part2

  2. Larry Pollock Says:

    Thanks! One of our 30 Day Bloggers was asking for help with this and I have pointed them here. Ok, off to get my signature too! (I know Faith will want one as well)

  3. Faith Barnard Says:

    Hello Natasha,

    You must have been reading my mind. I have been wanting to add a signature to my posts. So fun and much more personal.

    You do a great job of taking us through the process and covered everything we need to know to make it happen.

    I look forward to more how to videos from you Natasha.

    Faith Barnard recently posted..Jonathan Budd’s Cool Techy Tip for Getting More Clicks on Your Videos and Creating a Better Brand

  4. Kim Steadman Says:

    I NEVER thought it could be THAT easy! And this was something I never even thought to google to find out about. I just assumed (and you know what they say about assuming!) it was something I would have to wait and learn later.
    YOU are a GEM!
    I’m off to make a signature!! I’m so excited!!
    Kim Steadman recently posted..Nutrition Facts – Repeat

  5. @AlinaHere Says:

    You Totally Rock Natasha!! You might as well add ‘Psychic’ as one of your keywords for your blog, seeing as you read all of our minds regarding something we wanted to learn. LoL Really!! It is a wonderful tool & lends more personality to one’s blog. I appreciate you going through the whole process & showing us the options!!

    Now if I could only learn how to use that Yellow Mouse Highlighter thingy you were using….. LoL ;)


    p.s. I hope that worked, I’m trying to Implement & just pasted a whole bunch of letters to this comment. I hope it’s the BB code. I’m crossing my fingers as i Hit ‘submit comment’
    (Thanks Nat–if it works–You’re an amazing Teacher. If it Doesn’t–I’m a sucky student. LoL xo ;)
    @AlinaHere recently posted..The Best Way to Get Your Website Online

  6. Carolina Dlugosch Says:

    Thank you so much Natasha. It is the same for me.
    I saw this signatures on other blogs but until today couldn´t find out how to get it.

    Now I am heading over to make my own signature.


  7. Natasha Nassar Says:

    I’m SO glad that y’all found this helpful! I was pretty excited too once I discovered this too : )

    Let me know if there are any other “How To’s” that would be helpful : )
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..How to Create a Personalized Signature

  8. Alison Elliot Says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome Nat thanks so much. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for:) Ya, I’m sure I’ll have more questions for you regarding how to do. . .just about everything thechie. Thanks so much for being so helpful. Have a great day

  9. Christina Leo Says:

    Wow, really awesome! I had thought that having a signature would really personalized your post but always wondered, for security reasons, why anyone would put their real signature on the internet?

    Your demo showed me that it doesn’t have to be your real signature!!

    As for other how to videos, it would be great if you can show what tools you are using for the yellow pointer and zooming in and out. I see how great it works in a how to video.

    Thanks for the awesome tip! Off to make my signature too!

    Christina Leo recently posted..“97” of Network Marketers “Fail”

  10. Christina Leo Says:

    I was thinking that it would be nice to have an automatic insert of the signature at the end of the blog posts so I looked it up in the plugin directory in WordPress.

    And there is one! Just do a search for plugin by typing in My Live Signature and it will come up.

    Install it and just go to your Setting on the left side of your admin panel and look for “MLS Signature” to customize it.

    Be sure to have your signature ID that’s assigned when you create your signature on the website.

    Christina Leo recently posted..“97” of Network Marketers “Fail”

  11. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Ahhh…so now ya’ll know in addition to being an internet marketer, attorney & writer…I’m ALSO a psychic! ha ha ha

    Christina- thanks for the tip. Installed the Plug In- but noticed that it has a little box around the signature. Going to try to tinker with it and see if I can get that to go away! But for those who don’t care about the little box around the signature, it is a FABULOUS tool!

    Might create a “How To” video on that too!
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..How to Highlight &amp Zoom in a Video

  12. Blaine Means Says:

    Natasha, thank you for finally bringing this to my attention. I was told once before but forgot and of course and hadn’t wrote it anywhere. Great value and training video. Maybe we will meet at a conference sometime.

    God Bless,
    Blaine Means

  13. Curt Bizelli Says:

    Awesome! Now the Question is Do You know a way for it to automatically be inserted into each post without having to insert it manually each time? I tend to forget about things like that when I have a lot to keep up with ;-) Thanks though, gotta nice siggie now. Come back over and check it out sometime :-)
    Curt Bizelli recently posted..Play Online CashFlow 101 – Robert Kiyosaki’s Ultimate “Be Rich Game” Can YOU get OUT of the Rat Race

  14. Marvin Schnapp Says:

    Very nice, love your site, will be back again.

  15. Kylie Kimminau Says:

    I lately came across your weblog and have been learning along. I thought I would leave my very first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have loved reading. Fine weblog. I will preserve visiting this blog extremely typically.

  16. Jason Reagan Says:

    Thank you much for the how-to. I’m just getting started branding myself and you are a great help.

  17. Jason Reagan Says:

    Ok I’ve been working with this all morning and when I copy the HTML code and paste it in an email, nothing happens, it just emails the code instead of the signature. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  18. patricia Says:

    Thanks for this tip, I have just inserted by signature and I am wondering, if we need to save the image as a Jpeg image and inserti it everytime we write something.
    Do you recommend to sign our sales letters too?
    Thanks Natasha!

  19. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Hi Patricia! You are so very welcome! I remember how excited I was when I first discovered this tool! You can save your image as a jpeg. or you can just copy and paste the HTML code into your blog post. I insert my signature in every post- just like I sign every letter. I do think that it is a nice touch to sign your sales letters.

  20. Fran Pitre Says:

    Thanks AGAIN Natasha!! I just created my signature (after spending way too long trying to select just the right one to fit me) LOL!
    Having a personalized signature is very effective in giving all your posts a personal, friendly feel, and also signifies that you give them your visual seal of approval!
    You’re a great resource, and I appropriately dub you the “How-To-Video Queen”, k?
    ~ fran
    Fran Pitre recently posted..Raising a Family Today is EXPENSIVE!

  21. Natasha Nassar Says:

    “How-to-Video Queen” …. hmmmm…. I could definitely get used to that! My next series of articles once we wrap up the Top 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc. will be including a series of how-to-videos, so stay tuned! : )

  22. Nicole Hale Says:

    Wow Natasha that was awesome. Took me 5 minutes, followed you step-by-step and now I have a personalized signature on my blog posts. Thanks so much.
    Nicole Hale recently posted..What’s Your Biggest Blogging Challenge?

  23. lisa Says:

    Hi Natasha, I would love to learn how to make a facebook photo with writing on it–can’t find that anywhere and am hoping to “brand” my photos. Thanks!

  24. Dawn McKenzie Says:

    Thank you so much Natasha. Your trainings are to the point & superb! I just went to get my signature and am about to use a scanned image of my own signature. However, I stopped, wondering about the wisdom of doing so. What is your opinion on someone using their actual signature? I happen to like mine, and as an artist, it appears in more places than just documents and checks. I’m just wondering about the safety of putting it out there on the internet.

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