WAIT! Don’t Join That Company Til You Read This!

stop 2Many people have learned this lesson the hard way.  Hopefully by reading this article you’ll learn the lesson without going through the pain others have had to face. 

So, before I tell you what the big lesson is I wanted to outline the typical due diligence process that I think most people go through before joining a new opportunity. 

Step 1:  Head to Google and type in “XYZ Company and Scam” to see if the company is a scam. 

Step 2:  If the company isn’t a scam….study the cost to join.

Step 3: Read the distributor agreement word-for-word (Oh wait! I must be a freak…that’s my attorney-instict kicking in..). 

Step 4:  Listen to a Sizzle Call.

Step 5:  Attend a hotel meeting or two, and perhaps a webinar or eight.

Step 6:  Pour-over the compensation plan for days, and then try to explain it to your spouse…. 

Step 7:  Dive in head first, because you feel confident that you’ve thought of everything. 

But have you?  I don’t think so. 

One of the most neglected, yet most important things to consider when joining a Network Marketing company is …

Selecting a Sponsor!!!!

Don’t believe me?  Here’s an excerpt from  an e-mail I received:

“It’s a perfect example of “if I only knew then what I know now.”  Who you sign with could be your success or failure.  Unfortunately, my sponsor is my team leader and upline help is nonexistent as well” 

Sheesh! This person learned the lesson the hard way. Don’t make this mistake!!! 

Ensuring that your sponsor will be there for you is crucial. So, here are a few tips to help you make this determination:

1. E-mail or call your potential sponsor. Ask them a question or two (or more!) and decide if you like their response.  Keep this in mind while you’re speaking with them:

  • Can they answer your question?
  • Are they willing to find the answer and get back with you promptly?
  • Do they actually respond to your e-mail/call and/or follow up with you promptly?

2. Find Out How Your Sponsor Markets Their Business.  Do they use hotel meetings, purchase opportunity leads, pass out flyers, host home meetings?  Do they market their business online? These are two drastically different marketing techniques. 

Make sure your potential sponsor can teach you the marketing method you are most comfortable with or provide a marketing system that you feel comfortable using! 

If you want to market your business online, how awesome would it be to have a sponsor and an upline who are willing to help teach you how best to market online?  To me, that makes far more sense than joining with a sponsor or team that only teaches the “traditional” sponsoring methods.

3. Find out if he or she is actively working the business. You may think this is obvious…but you don’t know how many people I’ve spoken with who joined an opportunity and their sponsor quit less than a month later!  Moral of the story: You won’t want a sponsor who is on his or her way out the door!

Why does all of this matter? 

If you’re serious about building a business (as opposed to just “trying it out for 6 months to see if your bank account magically fills up with cash”), then the relationship you have with your sponsor should last a very long time…

So you need to ensure that your potential sponsor is someone you think you can count on long after you’ve paid the initial fee to join.

If you take the time to go through these steps, you can avoid being in the position so many are in, by having a sponsor that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals using the methods you feel most comfortable with.

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2 Responses to “WAIT! Don’t Join That Company Til You Read This!”

  1. Faith Barnard Says:

    True, true, and true. One more thing I take into account, is do I really connect with my sponsor? Do we have a heart connection? I feel this is critical because like you said, this will be a relationship that can potentially last a lifetime.

    They could have all the great skills, knowledge but if there is no connection on a deeper level then you may find yourself not fully optimizing your true potential not only in working with your sponsor but in your business as well.

    We must know,like and trust those we enter into a business relationship with or any relationship for that matter. There are spiritual implications as well and in if your desire is to build it once and have it last a lifetime then starting with that all important relationship between associate and sponsor is critical.

    Is this someone who gets me, cares about me and will link arms with me to create a mutually beneficial relationship with prosperous outcome for both of us?

    Great post Natasha, keep them coming.

    Faith Barnard recently posted..Meditation Creating My Life From the Inside Out

  2. Candice Michelle Says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this informative information! Keep it up!
    Candice Michelle recently posted..gun holster

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