Is Attraction Marketing DEAD?

Many of you have asked me… “Does this Attraction Marketing stuff, really work?

There are SO many people online, is Attraction Marketing dead?

No. It isn’t. The recipe for success is made up of 5 principles.

1. Once you learn a strategy, you MUST immediately put it into action. You cannot keep reading, reading, reading and then reading some more. As one super-star marketer once told me in an interview- “You must match the intake of information with the output of action”.

2. Find a coach/mentor. The cost of a coach is negligable when you’re able to avoid the steep learning curve in online marketing.

3. Be ready and willing to step outside your comfort zone and tackle your fears head-on.

4. Don’t worry about perfection. No one is perfect, especially when it comes to implementing new marketing strategies. Just do it! You can learn from your mistakes and fine-tune your skills in subsequent attempts.

5. Don’t QUIT. The only way to ensure your failure is to quit. For far too many marketers, they quit RIGHT when they are about to start seeing their results online.

Don’t believe me? I want to tell you a quick story…

Last summer, I had the fortune of meeting a fellow-Boisean online. Her name is Stacia Hopkins. When we met Stacia, I believe she was only 23 years old. I asked to see her website, and I was so impressed with the fact that a beginner online had put so many pieces of the puzzle together.

Granted, she had figured out the general concept of how to succeed online with attraction marketing. She understood the concept of list building. She understood the concept of the “funded proposal”. But there were some dots that she needed help connecting, because she wasn’t generating leads with any regularity, and had yet to make a dime online.

We made a few suggestions about the video on her Landing Page (She was standing in front of a white sheet, to make it look like she was in a studio… ha ha ha) :) To our amazement, within 48 hours, she had implemented our suggestions and made what I thought was a REALLY great video.

Long story short, we began mentoring Stacia, and she continued working hard and studying hard. We suggested that she enter into a Video Challenge (which was SO intense, I couldn’t even stand the heat!) but not only did Stacia do this video challenge, she ROCKED it. She’s become quite the video super star, and has started getting the attention of several industry leaders recently.

Always up for a challenge….We encouraged Stacia to consider creating her first online course. We told We know that many beginners to the world of video marketing would REALLY benefit from her insight on how to go from a beginner to generating 20+ leads in a day, and generating sales online in less than a year.

Of course, this action taker rose to the challenge, and is hosting her very first presentation TOMORROW NIGHT.

I would like to invite you to attend this FREE presentation, and I know that you’ll walk away with some very valuable insight (I know….Stacia gave me a sneek peak of what she has in store) : )

The Webinar is TOMORROW (Tuesday Night, July 26th) at 9 PM EST/8 CDT/ 7 MDT/ 6 PDT.

You can register for it HERE:

Look, if writing articles makes you want to cringe- Video is where it’s at. I know it’s hard to face the fear of the camera (just check out my first real attempt at doing video— it’s ridiculous!  ). I HATED the camera, but I faced my fears head on…. and honestly, videos are my #1 source of leads today.

I hope that you’ll join me tomorrow night in supporting a young, rising star who has a LOT to teach you about video marketing.

Register HERE- It’s totally FREE!

To your Success,

3 Responses to “Is Attraction Marketing DEAD?”

  1. Edwin Arenas - Multinivel en Internet Says:

    Hi Natasha,

    I totally agree, attraction marketing is not dead, and the argument that there is too many people already doing attraction marketing is just another excuse.

    Saying that Attraction Marketing is dead because you search in google and find 1000 blogs is like saying that there’s no more people to prospect in a city because you go to the convention and see 100 people that already joined the company.

    Well, if you go to a cardiologist convention you can also get the false idea that there are too many of them. But just because you are looking at the one place where they all gather. Compared with the total potential it isn’t even a rounding error.

    Where do all the people doing attraction marketing in internet gather: in the search results for “attraction marketing” in google. But still it isn’t even a rounding error compared with the people in the mlm industry.

    Edwin Arenas – Multinivel en Internet recently posted..Diferencia entre Motivación y Capacitación en el Mercadeo Multinivel

  2. Candice Michelle Says:

    That is totally right Edwin because if the marketing is dead we will have tremendous impact on our country today, but this is not true? I think it is only rumors.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..Glock Sights


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