Is Your Pitch Scaring Off Prospects?

I got a phone call a while back from a lady who started the conversation with ” I know you are a serious internet marketer like I am, right” Of course, I answered in the affirmative. She then proceeded to launch into a sales script.

To be polite, I waited until her sales pitch was done. Then I told her she could send me something via e-mail. I immediately dismissed her entire program. Why?

I don’t like to be sold.

I give a similar response to those who want to know why in an attraction marketing campaign, you don’t promote your official travel business marketing site directly to a prospect. The reason is this…

People don’t like to be sold.

When someone comes on strong with a sales pitch, people (myself included) automatically close their minds. People don’t want the slick sales pitch. They want to purchase something on their own, on their own time.

This explains why so many people have problems with closing prospects at hotel meetings and on three-way calls with their upline. People don’t like to be sold. People don’t like to feel like they have been pressured into something against their will.

It is for that reason that attraction marketing is so successful. People are in control of the information they receive. I send opportunity prospects to a particular marketing site for our business. There, they can read all of the information on the business that they want. But when it comes time to talk to me, they know I’m not going to be selling them on the industry or the compensation plan. They know that they will get an honest assessment of the business, and whether or not I think they are right for this business. I will teach you how to create a blog and how to give your prospects valuable information without the pushy salesman feel.

Which brings me to another important lesson in marketing your business. Be honest with your prospects. Don’t tell people who have never been in network marketing that they can make six figures in 3 months. It won’t happen. The majority of top money earners in most MLM companies did not start from scratch. They brought over downlines from other companies. Those that did make money solely in one particular company had to work hard to establish themselves as leaders and build a team. It didn’t happen overnight.

A home business is a teriffic deal, oftentimes you can get a fully functional business in a box. But, you have to treat it like a business, and your prospects need to treat it like a business. That is why you should never try to use a letter or ad that says something like “part-time job” or “management positions available”. I was directed to one Rep’s site, where I got the opportunity to read their “warm prospect” letter. The letter alluded to a “part-time job” and “management positions”. These two words are J-O-B words. There is only ONE position in a home business, and that is C-E-O, so don’t tell your prospects otherwise. Otherwise, you will get a bunch of whiney job-mentality folks in your business that will take up all of your valuable time, and won’t last a year.

People with a JOB mentality will ultimately fail in this business. Your home business is a real business. Businesses cost money to advertise and grow. Your business will also cost money to advertise and grow. But if you take your business seriously and keep working diligently you absolutely will succeed!


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  1. Candice Michelle Says:

    When you have this initial short conversation with every prospect you meet, think about how much time you will save by avoiding meetings that don’t result in sales.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..SMS marketing

  2. Ibrahim Niazi Says:

    So what should we write in online ads other then “part-time” and “management positions available” ?

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