I’ve Got A Super Power….I’ll Share It With You!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that up until now, only my husband knows….

I have a super power.


Best of all, I’m going to share with you how you can get this super power too!

Before we dive in, I need to share a little background as to HOW I discovered this amazing power.

Ever since I was a college student, people have always asked me:

“How do you have TIME to do that!?!”


“Do you ever sleep?” (the answer is “YES!”)

The reason they asked the question is that they saw the sheer amount of “stuff” I was doing at any given time and they noticed that not only was I doing a lot of stuff….I was doing it well.  I made good grades, was on the executive board of my sorority, had a very full social calendar, held a part-time job at a law firm, volunteered in the community and was politically active.

College was just the beginning of my insane ability to multi-task…

I practiced law full-time while becoming a part-time internet marketer who successfully generated a ton of leads on autopilot and made so many affiliate sales that I became a top affiliate for two programs.  During this time my husband and I also built
a network marketing team of entrepreneurs from around the world.


I was very active as a volunteer for a charitable organization, the Chairman of the Board of a fairly large social/charitable
organization and I was a freelance writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine.


Due to a sharp rise in crime in my neighborhood, I successfully organized the 250+ homes into a Neighborhood Association and
got the City Council to quickly approve measures to protect our neighborhood.  (Crime went down nearly 90%!).

But that didn’t stop me from…

Planning dinner parties for friends, watching some of my favorite tv shows, and going on trips and having fun with my husband, Rich.

How did I find time to do ALL of this, and do it well? (My schedule it a little less hectic nowadays, but still very

To be honest, until Rich posed the question to me recently, I had no idea. I just did it.

But once I REALLY thought of the mechanics of how I managed to do SO many things at what appeared to be the same time, and do them fairly well by most people’s standards….I discovered my secret power.


In reality, you can’t do everything at the exact same time, AND do it well. It’s just not possible.

But, if you focus ALL of your energy on one task at a time, you can do a whole host of things well.

By focusing your energy on each individual task, you will soon have a list of tasks that you’ve accomplished over a period of weeks or months.  To your friends, family or business partners it appears that you’re doing it all at once (and that’s why
they’ll start to wonder if you have some strange super power!)

Take for example, a task like starting to build an online presence from scratch.

Does weekly schedule for your business looks a little like this?

-  Read a little from a book you purchased on Social Media

-  Fiddle around with Facebook for 20 minutes to start setting up your Fan Page

-  Read a little from a book you purchased on Blogging

-    Work on setting up your blog for 30 minutes.

-    Read a little from a book you purchased on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

-    Work on trying to set up new PPC Ad Campaigns

-     Start writing an article for your blog

If so, you’re not alone! But now you know about the super power…so you can get out of that cycle of a pile of half-completed projects.

Here’s how:

To harness the power of FOCUSED ENERGY, pick one task that you want to complete at a given time.  (in the example above, let’s say, building your blog).

Then clear ALL distractions from your life until that task is complete.  Tell yourself that not completing the task is not an option.

If you think of other items that you need to do, jot them down on a to-do list, then head back to the task at hand.

This is exactly what I do, and have done for as long as I can remember… the technique has never failed me.

I dedicate a certain amount of time in a given week or month to my volunteer activities.  I dedicate another segment
of time for fun activities.  Even certain times of the week are blocked off for my guilty pleasure- certain reality TV
shows. : )

This article? Written in one sitting because my energy is 100% focused on conveying this information to you and going to bed
without finishing this article is not an option! : )

So there it is….my super power! I hope it brings you as much success as it has brought me.

I suppose I should conclude this article by saying…

“May the Focused Energy be With You” ; )

To the Top,

PS. Once you give “Focused Energy” a try…. Let me know what you think!  If you’ve tried it
before, I would like to know how it worked for you!

4 Responses to “I’ve Got A Super Power….I’ll Share It With You!”

  1. Allison Says:

    This is fantastic! I get the same question from friends and family considering I volunteer as a grassroots, media organizer for One Farm at a Time, work full time for a 501 (c) (3), am an Officer Candidate in the Army National Guard, run competitively for Fleet Feet Sacramento, soon will be competing for my Crossfit gym, ride horses, bikes, and planes, knit, cook, and now am a consultant for Arbonne. I agree that focused energy is where it’s at. One thing at a time and you can have time for anything.

  2. Larry Says:

    Natasha-you really hit the nail with a hammer- all those tasks you mentioned is exactly what I am going through right now. Okay thanks.

  3. Candice Michelle Says:

    I thank for posting such useful topic for all your followers. Great Job! Excellent post!


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