Oh, You “Don’t Have Time”? Don’t Make Me Go All Dr. Phil On You!

So, I got an email that I had to share with you today…

You may think my response is a bit, ummm harsh- but you know what?

Sometimes I have no choice but to play the role of the “Dr. Phil” of Network Marketing- and give it to you straight…no fluff! 

This gentleman’s concerns are shared by many, so please understand that my advice is something that usually no one else has the courage (or cares enough) to tell you.

Here’s what this guy had to say:

“How can I join your team if I am already subscribed to ***? My sponsor is not helping anything and I’m looking to join another successful team.

In two weeks I’m starting my own radio show. Everything as a financial coach helping people to get established economically… I think I can be an asset to your team.

I already bought the books of Dillard but I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO READ IT!!! So, I’m more looking for somebody to tell me what to do.

I feel like when you buy a good video camera and you can’t use it because you didn’t read the manual. you have the manual.. but you don’t have the time to read it!

If you can tell me what I can do step by step, I will be prepared to take *** to the next level”

My response:

Here’s the thing… when a guest calls into your radio show- and says

“Hey, I need help. I’ve got $10,000 in debt, I make $2500 a month. What do I do?”

You’ll ask:  “Well, how much do you spend per month?”

He responds: “my expenses are around $4500 per month”.

You’re going to tell him that he needs to live within his means, and that he needs to cut his spending, right? Well, what would you say, if he said:

“That’s great, but you see, I can’t cut my expenses?”

You, of course, would ask: “Why, not?”

His response: “I don’t want to, it’s too hard!”

See….”I don’t have time to read it” is the same as “I don’t want to- it’s too hard”.

In fact, the psychology behind “I bought the books of Mike Dillard” statement is the same as the guy who took the initiative to call into your radio show.

He’s thinking…

“Well, I did my part, I called in… so my debt should start being reduced.”

Too many people think that just because you BUY something, means that you are going to get the results or are somehow entitled to get the results.

It doesn’t work that way…

You want results- you go out and GET results by implementing what you learn.

  • You can tell your caller that he needs to move into a place where rent is less,
  • You can tell him to pay off his higher-interest credit cards first…
  • You can give him tons of solid step-by-step advice-…

BUT if he refuses to implement the advice it- he won’t his desired result of reducing his debt.

The thing is, the concept taught in Magnetic Sponsoring is different than the usual routine your sponsor in *** taught you.

In that book, there isn’t a step-by-step approach per se. It’s an introduction to the philosophy of attraction marketing, which is different than the traditional network marketing approach.

Other products do give specific guidance…But you MUST read/listen to them and THEN, implement what you learn.

If you aren’t willing to read and implement- then you’re just out of luck.

You may have sympathy for the guy who doesn’t want to read the video camera training manual, I don’t.

I don’t feel sorry for that guy, and I don’t feel sorry for those people who think that just because they spend tons of money on various products, that they are entitled to get results with no or minimal effort to implement.

Educating yourself (i.e, reading courses and watching video trainings) is part of the deal… if you aren’t interested in learning new things, this may not be the right business model for you.

Even if I shared with you every little thing that I’ve done- you would STILL have to continue educating yourself  and implementing what you learn, because no two businesses are identical…. why?

Because no two business owners are identical!

Put another way…

You aren’t baking a cake…you’re building a business!

Now, you mentioned that “I don’t have time to read it”

I’m gonna have to call you out on this one….. YEA RIGHT!

Let’s get real…That’s just a big ‘ol excuse.

However, if you truly don’t have time to read it, then now probably isn’t the right time to be building a business.

If you want to build a successful business (instead of dabbling in a hobby), you’re just going to have to MAKE time.   

Just like if your caller REALLY wants to get out of debt, he’s going to HAVE to sacrifice and make changes to reduce his expenses. There’s no difference.

I can tell you that at one point in time, I was busy planning my wedding (which had close to 500 guests), practicing law full-time, I was the Chairman of the Board of a charitable/social organization, President of my neighborhood association, and I was doing other volunteer work.

All of that WHILE I was building my networking business, helping others build their business AND somehow I had time to read other courses and implement what I learned.   To this day, I am practicing law for about 9-10 hours…then I go home and spend 6-7 hours on my business every single night…and I spend most of my time on the weekends working too. 

 Suffice it to say, I know about being busy.

Here’s the thing, though, I TRULY want to succeed, so I make the time.

The good news is that YOU can make time too… if success is what you truly desire!

So what do you think about my response?

Think I’m TOO HARSH or just plain wrong?  Agree With Me? 

Share your thoughts and this article !

To Your Success,




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