REVEALED! How to Get on the Front Page of Better Networker

In case you missed it- there was a very active forum thread about “How to Get on the Front Page of Better Networker“. 

The conversation turned to some folks trying to craft some system to figure out what matters most- views, comments or votes- or all of the above, or some of the above.

As someone who recently returned to the Better Networker community in late July- I’ve already had, I think 3 maybe 4 articles that were featured in Jason Better’s weekly email on the best articles on Better Networker. 

Several more have been on the “Featured Content” slider on the Better Networker home page, and this month, 2 of my articles (This One and This One) were featured in the Best of Better Networker magazine this month, and I just had one article that received 60-something votes. 

I’ve also had a ton of articles on the front page:

What’s the secret?

Did I “crack” the code?

Do I have an inside source at Better Networker? 

Do I have superhero powers?

Heck no!  (But I do wish I had superhero powers…) : )

Hopefully from my articles, you know that I don’t believe in things like “gaming the system” to get ahead. If that means that my business doesn’t grow as rapidly as someone who’s trying to cheat the system, I’m cool with that. 


At the end of the day, I have to look at myself in the mirror AND all of those “black-hat” tricks work for a limited time. Then you’re trying to find another way to beat the system. That’s just not my cup of tea. 

I’d rather have a slow, steady growth  in my business instead of massive peaks and valleys that are inherent in a business centered on short-lived “tricks” (now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new things, and get creative…but cracking an algorithm to get an advantage to put your content up that otherwise wouldn’t “cut the mustard” in the normal realm of things is a totally different thing in my opinion.

And besides… even if you do somehow figure out the Better Networker alogorithm, it’ll be short-lived because the alogrithm will change.  So, why now just get on the Front Page the right way.

So, if you’re interested in a tried and true method of getting on the front page of Better Networker here’s the secret (it comes in 4 parts).

1. Write a Catchy Headline 

Assume people are going to see your article on a page with 25 others.  Does your headline GRAB people’s attention?  Does it relate to something that people are wanting to know about? After you write your headline, read it to yourself- would YOU click on your article if it was among a group of 25?

One caveat- make sure that your headline is related to your content in some way.

If you have a catchy but unrelated headline, people will think twice before opening your article next time.  Also- getting people to click on your article title is only half the battle…. you’ve got to get your readers engaged if you want to get Votes and Comments, and I’m pretty sure that votes are one of the main factors in getting featured in the BoBN Magazine.

2. Write Good Content. 

If you write stuff that people don’t care about, you aren’t going to get votes or comments.  Browse the forums…see what people are talking about, then write an article about it sharing your thoughts. 

Also, make sure that your articles are “easy on the eyes.  Don’t write paragraphs that look like people are reading a text book. 

Try writing in a conversational tone so you reader feels like their being engaged.

Like right now, are you feeling engaged, or not so much? ; )

How bad would it be, if I didn’t engage you in this article where I’m telling you to engage your reader?!? 

I digress…

3. Call- to-Action. 

Make sure that you encourage your readers to VOTE on your content (if they like it….or even if they don’t like it, but think that you provoked a good discussion)

Then, you want to encourage your readers to comment, and make sure that you take the time to respond to the people who were kind enough to take the time to share their thoughts with you . 

4. Syndicate Your Article. 

Post your Better Networker article to your Facebook Profile and encourage your friends to visit your article.  Post your article to your Twitter profile.  Send an email to your list with the link to your Better Networker article.  If you’re in a Tribe, share your Better Networker article with your Tribe.

So, there you have it.  The secrets to how I’ve gotten on the Front Page of Better Networker without having to do some convoluted experiement on how to crack the Better Networker algorithm. 

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To the Top!

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  1. Joe Young Says:

    awesome post, and you have my vote! Great site, great content. Yes, I am in a place right now where I really figured out my blog focus. It took a while, but thank God for right mentors and people like you.

    The info above is great and often overlooked. i love writing, so the above is crucial, especially call to action and syndication after.

    My call to action, give me your thoughts on my blog too! Later I will share with you some of my plans that will involve you at some point and all that you know.

    Joe Young
    Joe Young recently posted..How To Make A 3-Way Call

  2. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Joe and I am looking forward to checking out your blog!

    Glad that you’ve found my blog to be a good resource and thanks a million for your vote! I’m always open for suggested topics to cover so let me know!

    Hmmm secret plans, you’ve got me very interested :)

    To the Top,

  3. candice michelle Says:

    This is just as awesome as your Ultimate Guide on your awesome post!! Another great resource and reference, thanks!

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