So Many Live Events…So Little Time!

One of my top students recently asked me for advice about the deluge of Live Events coming up in the next couple of months.

- Marketing Funnel Mastery

- Leadership Mastery Live

- Unstoppable Entreprepreneur
- No Excuses
It’s a lot, I know… and I wanted to take a moment to share with you the advice that I gave her (and some thoughts I’ve had since then).
I’ve been to No Excuses and I’ve been to smaller workshop-like events.  I can tell you that I was able to meet far more leaders at No Excuses BECAUSE of the relationships that I built at the smaller events.
I’m admittedly partial to events where I personally know the speakers, so I know what caliber of information to expect.  Nonetheless, here are my thoughts on the events:

Marketing Funnel Mastery 

(March 11-13, 2010)

This event is taking place this coming weekend  in Las Vegas.   I will be attending this event with Rich, and will actually be coaching at the event, along with leaders like Jerry Chen, Emma Tiebens, Leta Russell, and Cindy Schulson.   The MFM workshop in Portland last summer is where I first met my closest entrepreneur buddies like DiDi Alcheva, Jerry Chen, Emma Tiebens, and others. 

 The last MFM event in Los Angeles is where DiDi Alcheva asked Rich and me to participate in one of her upcoming products.  Plus, it was through MFM events that Rich and I were able to meet and begin to develop a relationship with Mike Klingler.
 If you are interested in attending, contact me using the Contact Me form above, and I can see if I can get Mike to sell a couple more tickets.
There will be other MFM events in the future, and if you are looking to monetize a passion or market your small business online, you need to check out Marketing Funnel MasteryI have a special deal that I offer to people who purchase MFM through me HERE so contact me if you’ve been thinking about purchasing MFM and I’ll give you the scoop.

Leadership Mastery Live

(March 18-20, 2011 in LA)
This is  a unique opportunity for you to network and learn from top leaders like DiDi Alcheva and Glenn Acaro  of “Social Media Buzz”, who are both speakers at No Excuses. 
Unlike No Excuses, where they are going to be surrounded by tons of people trying to score pictures and mini-interviews, you will actually have the opportunity to spend quality time with these two leaders and others. 
DiDi and Glenn….. are personal friends of mine.   They’ve got Ann Sieg’s ear…. DiDi worked with Mike Klingler over at Marketing Merge and was responsible for multi-million dollar launches.  Glenn is a video expert who has produced videos for folks like Mike Klinger (and worked on some TV shows like “The Bachelor”, etc.) 
Click HERE for more information.

No Excuses

This is a mega event that is jam-packed with value.  I think I filled up an ENTIRE notebook with golden nuggets from the event last year, and best of all, it truly was a no-pitch fest.  (Quite frankly, I was surprised that they actually pulled off a no-pitch fest). 
In fact, my partnership with Jim Yaghi for my soon-to-be released Slapped! book was born at the No Excuses event last year.
You’ll get to see and hear from some top leaders, and you can also network with fellow entrepreneurs.  The energy is nothing short of amazing.  But as for spending quality time with the “big dogs”- I wouldn’t count  on it- unless you opt for the VIP Ticket package.
I will say, though, that the lineup of speakers is nothing short of spectacular.  I am even more excited to see so many amazing entrepreneurs that are in my personal mastermind group, (so I KNOW they have so much value to offer)- will be on stage:
- DiDi Alcheva
- Glenn Arcaro
- Jackie Ulmer
Plus, Mike Klingler (the guy who is probably single handedly responsible for a huge portion of our success) will be on stage- along with Mike Dillard and others.
There is an awesome webinar that you’ve got to sign up for- with all of the speakers for NES (even if you aren’t sure that you can attend). 
 The speakers will be coming together this Tuesday Night 3/8 @ 9pm EST on a special 90-Minute LIVE “Guru Gauntlet’ webinar to deliver value and tell you exactly what they will be sharing with you at the No Excuses Summit II.
They’ve all made a “100% Commitment to Impacting Lives @ The No Excuses Summit II” and it all starts Tuesday @ 9pm EST (6pm PST).
Click Here to Sign Up for the Webinar   (Only 1000 Webinar Spots Available)
No matter which event you choose, I can tell you that Live Events…Change LIVES. 
You need to be networking (and by networking, I don’t mean pitching other peopel on your business) with other entrepreneurs. You don’t need to be on this journey alone!
Hope to see you at a live event soon!  If you have any questions about Live Events, just comment below!
To the Top,

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