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You Inc. Commandment #9- Honor Thy Customer

December 6, 2011


This is one of the most important commandments, so take note! As you know (or will soon come to know if you’re a beginner), if you want to make more money in your business, you need to sell more stuff to your current customers. Why?

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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

November 15, 2011


Every year a friend of mine, George Fourie (creator of That MLM Beat) hosts an annual blog competition to determine the Top 50 MLM Blogs in our industry.  Last year, I was most honored to not only make the Top 50 list, but to snatch a spot in the Top 15- at #13. Thanks to […]

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How Much of “You” Should Be in “You,Inc”

November 4, 2010


Recently, there’s been a ton of discussion about the concept of “You, Inc”. Not too long ago, Mike Dillard, in a webinar, discussed his belief that people were getting the concept of “You, Inc.” TOTALLY WRONG. I think to a certain extent, Mike was right.

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The Truth About You, Inc.

July 29, 2010


Since I’m an attorney (in addition to being an internet network marketer), I’m pretty used to taking stands on controversial topics, and from what I’ve seen recently, discussing You, Inc. is one such topic.  It seems everyone and their uncle has an opinion about this! (Me included!) Should a beginner bill themselves as an “Expert” […]

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