The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.

There’s a lot of information out there about building You, Inc. and developing a brand online. But, at the end of the day, I think the basics of You, Inc. can be boiled down to 10 Commandments.  I’ll be posting articles that explore each of these commandments in depth.

  1. Know thy Target Market/Avatar
  2. Know thy USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  3. Thou shalt establish and promote thy brand
  4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s (or thy company’s) list
  5. Thou shalt be transparent
  6. Thou shall give value unto others before asking for something in return
  7. Thou shalt not SPAM thy list
  8. Thou shalt not leave money on the table
  9. Honor Thy Customer
  10. Honor Thy Government’s Rules & Regulations

Commandment #1: Know Thy Target Market/Avatar

After coaching and consulting with clients over the past 18 months, I’ve noticed a startling trend.  Most people do not know who their target market is, or worse- they tell me that EVERYONE is their target market.

I think this comes from a scarcity mentality that if the net isn’t cast “wide enough” they’ll miss someone.  Don’t fall into this trap!

It’s much better to big a BIG fish in a small pond when you’re starting out.  Once you dominate a “micro-niche” then you can expand (or go to a bigger pond).

To be honest, there’s just TOO much information out there on the Internet. As a solo entrepreneur you’re going to get lost in the crowd if you don’t define your Target Market early in the game.

Another big mistake that I see many new (and even more advanced) marketers making is what market they are targeting.  If your goal is to sell stuff, then you need to ensure that your target market has, ummm….. money.

No brainer, right?

Apparently not.

You would be amazing at the number of people who are targeting people without money.  Sure, some of those people may be able to work their way up and out of their situation, but do you really want to have to mess with all of that?

Perhaps if you have a lot of time you need to fill. But if you’re looking for quicker results, going to an empty well isn’t going to give you the water you need.

So how do you go about determining your Target Market? Start with your Avatar.

Know Thy Avatar

What is an avatar?

Well, I’m not talking about those blue people…. I’m talking about the personification of your ideal customer.

Who is your ideal customer?  If you’re like many internet marketers, you’re response is:

“I have no idea”

That’s ok.  Here’s how you create your avatar:

You need to make some decisions about who you are trying to “attract” to your website.  Who is the ideal purchaser of your product or service?

- Is it a man or a woman?

- How old are they? (College Student, Baby Boomer, etc.)

- Are they Single or married?

- Children or no children?

- What is their level of education?  (High School, College, Graduate Degree, etc.)

- What does that person do for a living?  Are they employed or retired?

- What are their hobbies and other interests?

- What is their income level.  (If the answer is ZERO and you’re selling something, you may want to re-draw your avatar) : )

- What are their problems?  What do they need help with?

Also you’ll want to begin thinking about how YOU can solve their problems (more on this when I discuss Commandment #2: Know Thy USP.

Once you’ve drawn out your Avatar, put it in a safe place.  You’ll want to refer back to it frequently.  Your blog/website’s design and color; the tone you use in your autoresponder messages; the products you sell; the content you put on your website; the places where you choose to promote your website/blog all depend on you knowing who you are speaking to.  If you don’t know your audience, you’re playing pin-the-tail on the donkey, you aren’t being a strategic marketer.

To succeed in marketing online, you must think strategically about how you are marketing.  So, once you figure out your avatar, do some research on your avatar.  Where do they “hang out’ online?  Are they participating in forums? Do they gravitate towards a particular website or blog?

Once you know where to find them, you know where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts.

When you’re ready…head over to Commandment #2: Know Thy USP.

In the meantime….do you have any other tips to share on defining your avatar? Did you find this article helpful? Let me know by commenting below!

To the Top,

23 Responses to “The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.”

  1. Leslie Wagner Says:

    Thanks Natasha for everything you are doing, I am trying to make sense of all this and trying to learn as much as my brain can comprehend. It’s hard when your older and the old braincells aren’t as quick as they used to be. It is refreshing to learn by steps, explained as well as you do, it really makes me think I will master this one day!!! Oh and the 12 tweaks webinar was awesome too, Thanks.
    Leslie Wagner recently posted..The upside to Honorable People on the internet!!

  2. Darlene Leonard Says:

    Thank you so much, Natasha. Your content was EXCELLENT as always! I concur with Leslie that it is SO HELPFUL for us who are “baby boomers” learning all this new marketing technology to have the step-by-step training thoroughly explained as you and Rich do so eloquently.

    I already have my calendar marked for next Wed. Sept. 28 @ 6pm PST for your next Webinar. It is an honor and a privilege to be under your leadership!

    Blessings to you,
    Darlene Leonard :)

  3. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Darlene, You are TOO kind! Glad you found this to be helpful. There’s plenty more on the horizon! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Leslie, thank YOU for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts! There’s a lot to learn, but the good news is, you don’t have to figure it all out today! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistent and methodical application of the things you learn is the key to success! Glad you enjoyed the webinar, I had a lot of fun doing it!

  5. Richard Says:

    Thank you Natasha. One thing I’ve always said if you are not clear about your target market, look at yourself in the mirror. Write down everything about yourself. Would be good to answer the above questions you mentioned and use yourself as the subject.

    This is a good place to start if you are just confused. We are our target market. If one is a 35 year old single mother of two who is building a business in health products and feeding your family healthy foods all on a budget that could be a target market.

    Start with yourself and branch out. There’s no better expert thank understanding your own needs and what motivates you.

    Appreciation from the Heart,

    Richard De Haven

  6. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Hi Richard! Those are some great suggestions! Thanks so much for taking the time to share them with us. We appreciate it!


  7. Lee Says:

    Love the commandments. Truly, laws to live by.
    Lee recently posted..I was Forced out of my Comfort Zone

  8. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks Lee! Glad you like ‘em : )

  9. Carol Perdue Says:

    Loved the article. You’re a breath of fresh air. Words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the rest.

    Carol P.

  10. Julieanne van Zyl Says:

    Hi Natasha, I like the way you’ve turned the first 2 essential copywriting rules into commandments! Unfortunately, one of the main challenges for network marketers, is that they don’t define their target market, and then it’s so much more difficult to “convert” their market to a sale. It’s no wonder it’s difficult, when their market was probably not interested in the first place!

    Great job on your commandments, regards from Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Did you consider how you would find your home business leads before starting?

  11. Edwin Arenas - Multinivel en Internet Says:

    Hi Nathasha,

    Most people never read the name of this industry: Multilevel ===>Marketing<===.

    It's a basic principle of marketing that you must define who is it that you're targeting.

    Sometimes is just that we don't know, sometimes we do "know" but choose to do nothing, and sometimes we're just plain inconsistent (I've been in the 3 phases).

    If you don't know who you're attracting, how do you know when (s)he comes.

    Edwin Arenas – Multinivel en Internet recently posted..Qué es un Negocio Multinivel sin un Plan de Trabajo Duplicable

  12. Raena Lynn Says:

    Hi Natasha,

    This is my first visit to your blog and you certainly have some solid, meaningful content to share. Thank you! I can’t agree with you more on knowing your niche. It is so important that there are many entrepreneurs out there who have a niche to help other people establish their niche! If you don’t establish your niche, you don’t know your target market and it’s spinning wheel time! When I really think about the people I am drawn to, in my mind, there is no doubt who they serve. The goal is to establish your brand so specifically that others know what you represent and they will be attracted to you. I love your commandments!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..Empower Network And Walk The Stage Jumpstart Lead System

  13. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Welcome Welcome Raena! Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the commandments and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about the importance of building your brand and finding your niche. : )

  14. marquita herald Says:

    Great list Natsha, and I have also met a lot of people who have never defined their target customer … in fairness I also have come across more than a few ‘experts’ who promote one size fits all approaches to marketing and business building which clearly adds to the confusion. Sounds like you have a worthwhile series planned; looking forward to reading more!
    marquita herald recently posted..Think You Know What Lifestyle Design is? Maybe Not …

  15. Rosemary O'Shaughnessy Says:

    Hi Natasha,

    I really appreciate your updates and it is so true so many people do not understand the exact market they want there business to focus on. I like to think quality is so important when working on line. There is not much point of having an social media account full of people who do not like dogs if you are a dog trainer. Also in the offline world we would not go to a business event and not understand what are USP but online people seem to do exactly that. I will be back to this site for your focus and advice. Take care Rosemary
    Rosemary O’Shaughnessy recently posted..Facebook Business Page Tips – RSS Feed – Do You Understand People Can Subscribe To Your Page?

  16. Lynn Brown Says:

    Your insight is very good here Natasha. It really is all about those 10 commandments! Over the past 15 years marketing online, I am always learning and building my knowledge that helps to improve business. The one thing I have learned is how important your product is. If you do not do the research and know your product’s benefits and features, you will be spinning your wheels. That is because even the best marketing strategies won’t help if nobody buys your product.

    The first two commandments are spot on. If your product provides results, solves a problem or has your customer coming back, then the product will basically sell itself. With a couple free bonuses and the other marketing advice within the rest of your commandments will make for a successful You, Inc. Really good information Natahsa – will be happy to share.
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Key Tips For Making the Right First Impression

  17. Kimberly Castleberry Says:

    Love this post and giggled at the blue people reference. How true it is that most people do not know EITHER their own brands or their target market well enough. For me, my target market has shifted several times in the time I’ve been out here. However, its easy to recognize that I always have the best performance from my business when I KNOW hands-down who my target market is (and poorer performance when my awareness of that avatar is more wobbly) Its okay for it to get changed but “drifting” and “floating” is not-so-hot. Looking forward to the rest of this series.
    Kimberly Castleberry recently posted..Affiliate Link Management and Cloaking With Pretty Link Lite (Part 3)


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