The Cure For Information Overload

In today’s video, I share the secret to overcoming information overload!

This is a problem that plagues both novice internet marketers and advanced marketers alike.  The  good news is the solution is simple! Check it out! : )

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10 Responses to “The Cure For Information Overload”

  1. Ruth Narveson Says:

    Enjoyed your video on information overload. Great tip. Also love that it was short and to the point. Thanks for sharing such great information.
    Ruth Narveson recently posted..The Power Of Habits

  2. Natasha Nassar Says:

    My pleasure, Ruth! Sometimes the best information only takes a second to share but can make a monumental difference in your business! : )

    Glad you stopped by!
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.

  3. Robin Says:

    Natasha the landscape is just so serene where you are. Ive been in the city all my life and look forward to living some place like that. Oh yeah and you are oh so vey right about the overload stuff. lol Talk soon!
    Robin recently posted..The Truth About Free MLM Leads And Building Your Home Business

  4. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Hey Robin! It is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

    I grew up In Memphis and then moved to Dallas for undergrad and law school. Living out here is like a dream! I hope that one day you’ll be able to live in a place like this. So awesome! It’ll be even better once Ski Season begins in a few weeks: ) LOL
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.

  5. Mandy Swift - Online Video Marketing Says:

    hi Natasha, absolutely LOVE the setting for your video … it was the main reason I clicked on to watch it!
    Perfect little sound bite of information – ‘Match the input of information with the out put of action’.
    Thanks a lot :)
    Mandy Swift – Online Video Marketing recently posted..Effective Email Campaigns – Getting Your Emails Opened

  6. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Thanks Mandy! Living in Idaho definitely has its perks! : )

  7. Yorinda Says:

    Hi Natasha,

    beautiful scenery with the sound of the river running in the background.

    Love your tip of implementing the ‘bits’ as you learn them, it makes sense, sort of like “how do you eat and elephant? one bit at a time”.
    For me when I learn things on the net I want to try it, it is like a new toy for me.

    Thanks for the great video.
    Yorinda recently posted..Vision Board for realising your Dreams

  8. Willena Flewelling Says:

    This is the best advice you could give me on this topic! It’s like eating and exercise. Match the outgo with what goes in, and you won’t have a problem with overweight.

    Thanks for the great tip!

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Randy Gage – Why You Tell Your Story

  9. Natasha Nassar Says:

    Willena, love the weight-loss analogy, that’s great stuff! It’s such a simple tip, but one we (myself included) need to be constantly reminded of! : )

  10. Natasha Nassar Says:

    My pleasure, Candice! : )

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