The Renegade Team: The Secret To Cutting Your Learning Curve By 90%

I’ve been in this industry for 5 1/2 years, and if there’s one thing that I know, it’s how daunting the learning curve can be for this whole internet/attraction marketing “thing”.

When we got started, there weren’t folks offering coaching, masterminds, etc.


You wanted to learn attraction marketing, you purchased a ton of books, and taught yourself and attended some tele-seminars.

Now don’t get me wrong….learning that way worked for us.   We’re doing great now!

But it was most definitely the long windy-road to success.

Then in June of 2011 along came Ann Sieg- and she once again turned the industry on its head (again).

You know Ann Sieg as the author of the well-known The Renegade Network Marketer book.

So anyways, Ann reached out to me and Rich last summer about her newest brainchild- The Renegade Team.

Ann figured out a way to massively boost the success of both beginners and leaders in the industry, through her marketing team– appropriately titled, The Renegade Team.

Let me explain…

See, there was a pivotal point in our online career where our success skyrocketed exponentially.

It was when we started attending live events and began masterminding with other industry leaders about marketing strategies.

The reason that was the game-changer is simple….2 words in fact:

Instant Feedback

See, the problem with learning on your own, is that even if you are following a course that you purchased to a “t”- strategies in this industry change rapidly.  There are things that people are testing every single day to make their pages convert higher and traffic strategies that work better than others at any given time.

Thing is, if you’re studying from a book- you aren’t going to hear about the latest changes.

Plus, you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder to critique you as you’re implementing your attraction marketing campaign.

So, what does The Renegade Team offer?

You guessed it… instant feedback!

Ann hosts a webinar every Thursday explaining more- so make sure that you Review The Renegade Team

If you’ve heard enough, then you can Join The Renegade Team now.

In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing more about this amazing opportunity that allows you to work directly with us by joining our marketing team for next to nothing!  You’ll learn how The Renegade Team will help you:

  • Have access to personal help 24/7 through our powerful Facebook Page
  • Learn the REAL way the Gurus make money online.
  • Get feedback from the Godmother of Attraction Marketing herself….Ann Sieg
  • Become a part of our inner circle

See you next time!

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  1. candice michelle Says:

    Thank you Natasha for this wonderful article, I will definitely try this one.
    candice michelle recently posted..SMS

  2. Shawn Sparks Says:

    I’m new to network marketing and it is tough at first on your own. Currently looking for a mastermind group in my area.
    Shawn Sparks recently posted..Impossible Dream

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