Tired of the Same Traditional Recipe?

I was cleaning up my inbox, and re-read an email I got awhile back that  shocked me. 

This highly-regarded veteran in the network marketing industry, sent out an e-mail that was bashing what he called “Network Marketing” gurus for teaching people the skills of self-branding and independent lead generation.  He said that 99% of network marketers don’t want to know about how to brand themselves in their business or learn about lead generation and that people didn’t have the mental capacity to do it.

I was appalled.

How cynical. How insulting!

The ironic part of it, as Daegan Smith pointed out, was that this was coming from a guy sending out an email to a list of subscribers he had created through personal lead generation and self branding.

It doesn’t surprise me all that much though, when you think about it.

This guy made his money the old-fashioned way. Talking to everyone within a 3-foot radius. He knows how tough it is to build a business that way.

With the Internet came the ability to talk with a person across the country with the click of a mouse, and thereby grow a business much faster than the traditional methods.

Obviously the people who figured out how to use the Internet to achieve this feat became instant MLM leaders, and this doesn’t make the “traditional” folks very happy. They’re miffed that someone could build an organization equal in size to theirs in less than half the time- without cold calls, hotel meetings, and coffee appointments. So they’ll naysay it until the very end.

I guess they don’t want the competition for the leadership roles… if so, shame on them!

Especially considering the fact that these folks preach from their stages about how their company offers the “average” person the ability to make millions. Yet, when others teach people how to make millions, but in a different way (and a faster and much more efficient way I believe) they criticize their efforts.

I disagree with that guy’s statement that 99% of network marketers aren’t interested in self-branding (branding themselves as a leader) and generating their own leads instead of paying $5 or more for a generic biz opp lead.

I believe our industry is filled with highly motivated and innovative individuals that don’t want to be given a job to do without personal thought or insight.

The “traditional” way of network marketing tells people to:

  • Put people on a sizzle call.
  • Take them to a hotel meeting.
  • Meet them at a coffee shop.
  • Answer their objections with these canned responses.
  • “Edify” your upline.
  • Close them using one of 5 methods.

I’m sorry- but that’s a sales job. Not a business.

If it was a business, you’d be able to infuse creativity and your own thoughts into the system.

If it was a business, you’d offer value to the marketplace, and be compensated accordingly. 

You wouldn’t just keep using the same tired old recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Yes. You can build your MLM  business using the traditional recipe.

But for me, that was a time-consuming, emotionally draining recipe that ended up with one measly distributor. 

If as my old sponsor told me, 1 out of 10 will join your business…Then after talking with 100 you’ve only got 10 people. That sounds like a pretty darn inefficient way to run a business.  Sorry!

With Internet marketing…

  • You can become a leader just by educating yourself and helping to educate other people on how to build a business.
  • You build a group of people who trust you, and want to do business with you.
  • You aren’t limited to talking with people in your hometown or in cities within driving distance.
  •  People come to you to learn information.
  • You can build YOUR BRAND so you aren’t hosed if you decide to change companies
  • You can create multiple streams of income all at once- instead of being beholden to presenting the same presentation over, and over and over again.

Now what’s so wrong with that?

Why should we be resigned to being the hunter instead of the hunted?

You shouldn’t.

I’m waiting for you so that I can teach you the REAL way to become an independent business owner and network marketing leader, not the traditional old recipe of pestering everyone in your path, but instead one where you rise up as a leader, help others attain their dreams, while at the same time attaining your own.

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3 Responses to “Tired of the Same Traditional Recipe?”

  1. Mari-lyn Says:

    The challenge is most people are confused what a Brand is. Sounds like the guy that wrote the e-mail was certainly sharing his brand experience.

    The people who follow him like the way they get treated – so in essence he is sharing his Brand.

  2. Gretta Josic Says:

    “The secret to creating wealth for yourself is to create it for others” – Sir John Templeton True words of wisdom

  3. Candice Michelle Says:

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